Saturday, 2 February 2013

Day 22...

Well I wanted to carry on with my posts, to be honest I have had no energy and been in bed and not really had the strength to do anything.

I know this is just a temporary blip or hic cup, still feel awful as I enjoy posting, and well with no energy it's hard! It has only been 1 day so far of taking the medication and the doctors said a good few days before I see little improvement. Hmmm so I am hoping that maybe Monday or Tuesday I might have a little more energy?

I am writing this on my i pad, so have no idea what it's going to look like! So apologies there!

Oh yes on a brighter note... My i phone is OK! My lovely daughter took a look at it, plugged it into i tunes and restored it, and hey presto it's fine :) Phew! :)

So what have I been eating and drinking; I think I have been really good considering! So I have still had scrambled egg on a morning, ooh yes had it with mushrooms today! Very nice :) and lunch I ate some salad with tuna and dinner is soup with ryvita as there is hardly any chewing! I think maybe I will have some melon later, as I do like to eat that :) I have drank no tea or coffee since having to take the tablets as they slow down the absorbsion. Instead I have been drinking natural orange juice, apparently helps speed up the absorbsion!

Even sitting, doing not a lot really drains your energy, it's really quite scary. Having never been in a predicament like this before it is actually scary. I wanted to make an effort earlier so I got dressed, oh my goodness, I was out of breath just sitting on the end of the bed! With help I got dressed and ventured to the corner shop with my daughter. We both really needed to get some fresh air and I needed to go out as I was getting cabin fever! Is that right? I used that 'cabin fever' as I understand that to be the term used to describe when someone cannot get out and stuck looking at four walls?! Well that is what I think it to be! No doubt, I hope some one will enlighten me!!

Anyway yes, we ventured to the corner shop. Now normally I am the one with the quick pace leaving daughter behind, but today I could hardly move and daughter was practically sprinting! Well it seemed like that! It took ages to get there, I was puffed, and Christ knows what people thought of me in the shop, maybe they thought they were looking at a ghost? My skin tone was an off white shade, I thought I made a good ghost! So walked around shop got milk, so other half can have his coffee and then walked home again. Walking back I was thinking to myself I must be quite mental having ventured out like this! And all I concentrated on was getting back home. Yes it's OK, I made it. Back! And as a result I am now back in bed!

I will check in I hope every other day or daily if I can, depending on how I feel. I say that as today I had good intentions to do some of my Open University work but I could not lift my laptop up! A feeble excuse! But seriously I had a hard time, so I am going to be better organised and prepared tomorrow.

Oh my goodness I have to mention... Day time TV... Dreadful!! I normally don't really notice it as I am busy doing things and only catch bits of it here and there. But OH!! Laying in bed, yes I have a TV in the bedroom, awful it's just awful! So been surfing on my i pad and playing time wasting games! :)

Until I next pop in!


  1. Hope you are better soon. And yes Cabin fever is right, something I have experienced for a very long time.

  2. I am striving to get as well as I can so that I can safely continue my own challenge. Ah thanks for letting me know that I was right about 'cabin fever'. I am slowly on the mend... one day at a time. Hope your well Paul, and thank you for dropping in :)


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