Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Day 33...

Today is a good day as its exercise day!! Yipppeeeeee!! Going along later to another FitBody Formula exercise session with The Weight Loss Guys :)

What I ate today... 13th February 2013


2 medallions of bacon and scrambled eggs.


Handful of nuts


Vegetable and chicken broth, half a pot.


Low fat organic rhubarb yogurt (3 table spoons) with fresh strawberries and raspberries. Happy snack! :)


Salad with cucumber and tuna, with a drizzle of nando's chilli sauce.

Looking at my food today it hardly seems anything... I have eaten at the right times, and I am not hungry.  WOW saying I am not hungry is still really strange... I mean ME not hungry!  What ever!! Its true though!  But what I think is good is the fact that I have now recognized that I am not hungry!  And, when I have had enough to eat... for me this is a major break through.  

I went to another exercise session, it was strength exercises, really good as I SO need to gain some strength.  Wednesday, this session is the first one of the week... I hope they start Monday evenings up... that would be so cool... back in there tomorrow!! I love it! :)

The other great thing that happened today was I had my first skype tutorial with my dyslexic tutor Kerry Pace, since taking Christmas and New Year off.  The session went great, I really enjoyed it.  I think I actually had a few of those Eureka moments where the light bulb went off in my head... Oh yes that's it, that's so helpful... why was I not doing this??  Ha ha that's why I have a dyslexia tutor to show me new techniques!  I have plenty of work to be getting on with!  In fact tomorrow is 'study' day :)  I actually love studying, am really looking forward to putting in place some of the new techniques.  :)

And this evening I am feeling quite tired, so an early night is in order I think!  This is new... I normally am wide awake until the early hours.  Maybe its because I have been 'using' my brain today?! lol  Not to mention the exercise I have done... that has to add to my tiredness, you would think so!  

Tomorrow is another day, and I will be 'on' it again tomorrow!  Hope to shift this barking loud cough, its driving me rather nutty!  Feeling happy and smiley today... as always! :)

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