Monday, 25 February 2013

Day 44...

What I ate today...Monday 25th February 2013


1 sachet of porridge with 1 sliced banana... the porridge is in there somewhere!


50g of brown wholewheat rice with sprouts, carrots, peas and broccoli with 1 chicken breast chopped up. (studying... lunch break!)


50g brown wholewheat rice with veg and egg and 1 breast chicken all nicely made into a special rice dish! (hmm pretty much the same as lunch!) I liked it!

I wanted to make a note about the dinner I had... it was really quite tasty, almost like having a 'real' chinese meal!  I bulked mine out with vegetable and it was amazing!  If it were given to me in a take away box I would of thought it was from our local take away!  Seriously Han was really impressed with this too and we have both decided to buy this again! :) mmmm

Getting back into blogging what I am eating again!  Its like a visual check to me and I see now as a part of me, just what I do!  And if I decide to have 'something' off plan I will put it in here as I want to learn why I ate it or what I felt about it...its all a learning experience trying to understand why I eat what I do.  But I have been really good... hmmm no re-phrase.. I am trying to eat healthily, and winning!!  

I think at the start the way that worked for me and Han was to cut it all out, cut out the high carb content foods... they after all were the foods killing me.  Oh thats deep!  Seriously yes they were!  I basically lived on a high fat, high carb diet and was a ticking time bomb.  No more though!! I can honestly say that I have not wanted those things I have missed, gone passed that now!  Sure I think about them, who does not think about chocolate!! But I make the decision not to eat it!  OOh YES! I make that decision!! How good do I feel right now knowing its my choice!! OMG!! cool! :)

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