Friday, 8 February 2013

FitBody RockStar Challenge...

Right well its known that I go to exercise sessions 3 times a week with  The Weight Loss Guys, a new routine and challenge has been set!  So exciting!!  Its a 7 week challenge and everyone has been put into teams...

I am in a team with 7 others, Hannah (daughter!) is also in the same team :)  We are called the indecisives! This name come about as team members could not come up with a name!  So this seemed to fit! lol

The FitBody Formula RockStar Challenge officially started this week, with the weigh in and measurements taken.  There is another weigh and measurement dates are; February 25th and March 2nd... will see a difference here I should imagine!!  And the final weigh and measurement dates are; March 18th and March 23rd.  Then the total weight loss and inch loss will be calculated and we shall see what team has won!

There is a prize for the team with the most points... the whole team will get 2x per week for 1 month private personal training sessions, use of a shared privileged parking space for 1 month and best of all...officail FitBody Formula RockStar Team Champions T-Shirt!

OOOooooooooooh!!!  Sounds GREAT!! And our team MUST win!! :)

Each team member will get points to add towards their teams success, they can get points by doing different things... attending the sessions, posting various things on Facebook, wearing a team t-shirt, following the recommended healthy eating nutrition protocol and other various team bonus points to grab for doing 'crazy things'!  

I shall have to see what Hannah and I come up with, and grab bonus points for the team! 

Thought I would post a photo of Han and I, holding our WOW and KAPOW team cards.  These cards are to be used in photos, to gain team points.  We got the logo put on our bag that we take to the sessions, dedicated! lol  I am on the right and Han on the left.  

I should explain why we both have hardly any hair... In October 2012 Han had to have head surgery, to remove a lump/growth at Great Ormond Street, London.  I wanted to support her as she thought she may feel self conscious with no hair, so I shaved all of my hair off too!  We did it and raised money for Great Ormond Street in the process!  Its just taking its time to grow back :(

Maybe more photo's to follow....

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