Thursday, 13 November 2014

Back and safe....

Hello friends..

Yesterday as you all know we all went to London as Jon had an appointment to see a doctor in Harley Street.

Going anywhere we have to plan it like a military event... we have to take Jon's wheelchair and with Han and I having dyslpraxia its really hard to organize and get timings right.

We try our best... allowing for stops and heavy traffic we left yesterday at 6.00am!  Oh my!  It was early!  Hmm yes by that comment you will come to the conclusion that we are not early people!  We are more suited to much later in the day to do anything!  As my mum affectionately calls us all now..vampires! lol

We arrived at the doctors in Harley Street at just after 11 am and were all really tired.  As usual Han took the photo's!

Nice one of the waiting room! ha aha

Jon's appointment lasted about 45 minutes and was not really that bad.  We will just wait now for the report.

After this appointment we decided to head off the the massive indoor shopping complex called Westfield.  Han harps on about it all the time!! We did briefly visit last time we went to Harley street but were all so tired, so I promised we would go this time!

The decorations were beautiful inside and we naturally stopped for coffee several times!

Some photo's Han took..

Look at Jon!! lol He had some independence... we joined the shop mobility and he was on an electric scooter!  He actually loved it!  See he could go where he liked and look at what he liked too!  And it was really nice to to push him about too.

Well we just had to get a 'silly' photo!! Would not be right seeing as we went out and its what we do!  These were actually onesie's and we just put the hood on our heads! 

This cute santa was outside the Early Learning shop...yes for little ones and well I wanted to say hi!  Han took the photo. Oh my look at my hair!  awful!  and I seriously need to do something about those glasses!

So that was out trip to London....

I have been stitching and now as 2 of the packages have arrived at their destinations I can share with you all what I have been stitching secretly.,..

I wanted to say Thank You and make some special people smile..

So see I have been stitching!

Now back to more stitching!! :)

Smiles :)


  1. How nice that you both rewarded yourself's with a fun trip to the mall. What fun and great photos and I love the one of you and Santa. Hope you receive good news back from the doctors report.
    love Annette

  2. It looks like you guys had tons of fun! By the way, I love the way your glasses look on you. :) The stitching is lovely, I'm sure the recipients were thrilled!! Hopefully the doctor will report nothing but good things.

  3. Looks like you had a good day , love your stitching that you gave to friennds ,
    Hope it will be good news for Jon.

  4. Looks like a grand outing. Jon seems the be enjoying his scooter,too. Love the onesie pics - you guys make me smile.
    Hugs from me to you

  5. Yes that scooter seems to be very, very nice!
    I am glad you are back safe and sound.

  6. The trip was hilarious:-)
    The whole family together - the doctor and the shopping center = excellent family !!!
    Your hair is fine:-)


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