Thursday, 20 November 2014


OMG.. indeed!!

Oh not at the socks!  Theses are Hans's socks!  Do you like them?  She always wears odd socks.. 

I have added s few more photo's taken erm... in A&E!

Oh my... where do I start?

Well I took my parents to Ikea today as mum wanted to buy some sheets for her continental bed!  Han come along too... change of scenery!

Things were going fine... until Han twisted to look at something and hmmm PAIN.  OMG!  Well she could not move and went white as a ghost with the pain.  Luckily we were in the chair dept.. could I find a chair for her to sit on... I did in the end.  Plonked her on it and my parents stayed with her..

The staff at Ikea Southampton are great, they fetched a wheelchair and Han being Han wanted to carry on around the store!  We did not stay the record breaking time we usually do .. go back in the car and headed home.

Dropped my parents off and we went home.  Han then phoned her doctors surgery as she was still in a huge amount of pain.  Oh... really?!! The doctors surgery was having an afternoon training session!! Seriously??!  So we rang the 111 medical helpline they tell you to ring when you cannot get to your GP or when its out of hours.  They sent an ambulance and they checked her over and did think it rather odd.

See Han already has a back condition and is in daily pain.  Ever since slipping on the kitchen floor roughly about a month ago.. her pain levels have gone through the roof.  The symptoms she had today were new ones and well she knows her body and the pain she has...she just knew something was wrong and needed checking out.

At hospital yes we arrived by ambulance but we had to then wait in the waiting room... wait for it... just over 4 hours!!

The doctor initially was really good, examined her and then sent Han for x-rays.  The result of the x-rays showed now broken bits or fractures.  The doctor then basically said that Han has to live with it and well not everyone can have a pain free life!  I was shocked by that comment and proceeded to tell the doctor that my daughter is 19 and should not have to live in daily pain this day and age.  The doctor just said that she could do nothing and again said Han has to learn to live with it as sometimes not everyone can be pain free!  Well.. honestly... speechless, han and I to be honest. 

Han is no further forward..if anything more frustrated.  She is in a terrible amount of pain and is finding simple daily things such a struggle.  I just feel so helpless..

We will be taking one day at a time...

So yes we are back home now and Han is so frustrated... I hope when we do finally get the pain clinic appointment..hmm after a 14+ month wait that they actually do something to help her.  The uncertainty of everything is simply awful.

I have managed to do a little stitching....

This is my progress so far... I LOVE IT!!! not telling at the moment what it is.. love all your guesses though!

So as you can all imagine I am really exhausted...

So gone to bed..

smiles required... please :(


  1. Sending tons of smiles to you and Han both. I'm so sorry to hear what she's going through. :-( I can't imagine how strong you both are to be dealing with all of this. Think happy thoughts!! And keep stitching. :-) the new stitch is coming together nicely, but the new color threw me for a loop as to what it could be!?

  2. ohhh noooo ... Han ... hope the pain levels have eased off a bit by now ?? sending gentle hugs ... the best thing for me from the pain clinic is acupuncture ...and also a tens machine ... they are really good too ... love mouse xxxxx
    ps love the stitching mum :)

  3. Poor Han, you are not getting much luck this year , hope the New Year brings a better year for your family hugs & xxx

  4. Oh dear, I hope Han gets well soon. She does look unwell on the pic.
    I can't believe doctors are letting you go with no treatments or even pain relief tablets...
    Beautiful stitching, wonder what it is???

  5. AAARRRRRGGGGHHHH! You know how I feel on this Jacquie. Deep breath. Okay. She needs to push for pain meds, and I am NOT talking about narcotics. Prescriptions to help. The newest I am on is Mobic. It is for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, and it is helping immensely. I know I do not have her problem, but I have daily pain for 10 years. I know how totally frustrating the pain management thing is!!!!

  6. Like Mouse, my DH has been recommended acupuncture to help with the pain. Feel better {hugs} to Han.

  7. Oh my, what a day! I hope Han will be better soon and tell her I loooove her socks!
    Sending you the biggest smile available :-)))))))))

  8. Oh my... I'm so sorry Han is having such a hard time!
    I hope she feels better soon and that you all can be well together!!


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