Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Blast from the past...

Hello lovely friends..

I have been busy!

Hmmm ... well I have another Round Robin to stitch and wanted to make sure I found something really pretty.  I thought OK look through some of my magazines....

I have been collecting magazines for what seems years and years... an obsession I think!  But not yet found the perfect storage system for them yet :(

Here is what I have been looking through...

Oh and these...

These are my specialist foreign ones from when I lived in Germany and France.

Whilst looking through the magazines I came across something rather funny... lol and a blast from the past...

Its was in this magazine...

And look at the date..

Yes October 1999!! ha ha

And look what is inside...

I wrote in all those years ago!! ha ha a Yes my 'other' married name and when I lived in Germany with the forces.


How bad is this!!
I am so naughty!  I still have the kit!! OMG!! Awful of me! 

Got me thinking.. anyone else 'naughty' out there?  You know hoarding things?! lol

And oooh must show you my next project... I saw it and thought YES! I have to stitch this..

From this magazine...

lol November 1999! ha ha

But look..

Close up... so your not straining your eyes!

I read the verse and thought YES!! I love it! And me being me have to stitch it!!  What do you think?

Stitching wise..

I cannot show you anything as its a secret for the Round Robin... Ssssshhhhh!!

Oh but got to show you what Han and her friend Morgan got up to in the kitchen a little while ago..

Making and decorating Christmas goodies..

Oh and making a mess!

Oooh and the sweeties to decorate with..

And the end result...

Its erm..... original!  And made with love that is all that counts! :)

Lovely! :)

Ok... smiles to you all.



  1. You hoarder you! lol! Love the gingerbread house.

  2. Love all your magazines - and I LOVE the stitcher's verse. I'll have to look for the back issue. Is it the Nov, 1999 one?

  3. Oh Jacquie, pure bliss to see that huge pile of magazines, and what could be more exciting than go through them all and find all the treasures in them. Quite obviously you were doing exactly this, lol. I am also a hoarder when it comes to stitching magazines and I browse through them regularly. The one with the Beatrix Potter designs is quite simply great.

  4. Cute gingerbread house!!! That looks like it was fun to do!
    That's an impressive stack of magazines!! LOL It should keep you busy for quite a while! And, yes, I have one project I started working on before I got married, (31 years) so I guess I have at least one oldie hanging around! And, like you, I really do like the project and should probably get it done! HAHA Oh well........

  5. Im bad about hording books. Happy Thanksgiving

  6. O do I know the hoarding feeling. I have tons of magazines too that I need to organize better.

  7. oooooooooooooooo love the blast from the past and I do actually remember seeing that one myself somewhere ... and hmmmm hording *whistles as she goes and puts the kettle on .... love the gingerbread house and yummie sweeties :) love mouse xxxxxx

  8. Your collection reminds me of the huge pile I had a few years ago but then I reached a certain age (76) and decided in fairness to my children I need to start decluttering and most of mine went to a young friend who had just started stitching, I had to keep a few favourites. I to purchased the Lake District chart and stitched it for my God daughter who had her wedding on lake Windermere. The gingerbread house is lovely and definitely made with love.

    Hazel c UK

  9. You naughty girl! I'm not much of a hoarder but I probably have over 100 magazines...I daren't look! I should really clear them out as I rarely even look at them but I always think if I did then I would need one which has just the "perfect" chart in!

  10. OH yes... I too have things that have not seen the light of day for more time than I care to tell.

  11. Wow, that's a huge collection! :D I've got absolutely nothing compared to you!!
    Love the sampler, it will be a great piece and is so you too.

  12. That sampler is sooooooooo YOU! Perfect. But Jacquie! The pile of magazines, oh my! Can you not part with ones that have not a thing you would stitch in them? That is what I do. It keeps my collection way down. Charity shops would love to receive a few.

  13. Woah, that's a lot of magazines! Too bad they're so expensive in Sweden, or else I would've started a collection too.. :) Talking about Sweden, I see you like IKEA..

  14. I don't know a stitcher that doesn't have a hoard ahem I mean stash! Your new project looks like it'll be a lovely stitch.

  15. Wow, so many magazines !!! You have a beautiful gingerbread house - :))

  16. Hi Jacquie. I just found your blog and became a follower. Love your pile of magazines. I wish that was all I had. lol Your stitching is lovely. If you have time, come by my blog and say hi.



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