Friday, 7 November 2014

Friday night with friends....

Yes its on its way!!

Oh my... love to know what chrismassy (is that a word?) things your all making :)

Oh what fun.... it is to ride... oh is it too early?

Jon Han and I went for a coffee last night!  Yes last night! ha ha see Costa was having a promotion evening to promote their new Christmas drinks... mmm we thought!  And off we all went!

Han and I were adventurous... Jon well he just stuck to what he likes! ha ha but a large one!

Jon's cappuccino...

Han's sticky toffee latte...

And my gingerbread no sugar skinny latte...
Cute gingerbread man and edible stars ... mmm

Well worth a visit to Costa if you have one... we will be going again :)

As you all know its Friday Night With Friends so I guess you all want to know what I have been up to?

Well I hope the picture I started this post with was a clue?


How about this one..

Ha ha erm... its a nice thing on my hands! eeek!  No not Chocolate... I have not been making cakes! ha ah no!! I cannot follow recipes!  I try... and hope what ever I make turns out ok.. then if it looks ok this does not mean it would taste nice! ha ha ah  No baking!! 

Any other ideas?

Well I cannot actually show you as its not going to be ready until tomorrow... I hope!

I have been stitching too... but again I cannot show you as its a secret!  Yes still stitching the Round Robin gift.  Soon, real soon I hope to have it finished.

Yes getting into the Christmas spirit here!...

Oooh so....

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells... jingle all the way....

Happy stitching to you all :)

Smiles :)


  1. Those coffees look divine! YUMMY!
    I love the picture about singing!!! Yes, it does bring cheer!
    Your arms are too light in the photo for you to be using fake suntan!! LOL!! Have you been dying something?
    You are right--Christmas is on its way! YAY~

  2. I think you have been making more lovely buttons.... Christmassy ones!! :)

  3. mmm. Yum.
    I agree. I think we are about to see some seasonal buttons. :)

  4. Des boutons!!!!!je suis impatiente de les admirer!
    Doux week end

  5. Your creations look delicious. Ooooo - now you've got me in the Christmas spirit,

  6. OMgoodness! Those coffees look absolutely delicious! Sure wish I had one of those sticky toffee lattes right now!

  7. What beautiful coffee's! I am guessing more delightful buttons made by you:)
    love Annette


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