Monday, 10 November 2014

Well I never....

Hello friends....

How cute is this Christmas design?  Just adorable I think... well there is a set of 3... and I was so excited as they came in my subscription of Cross Stitch Collection December 2014 issue 243 magazine.  

If you have not guessed its a Prairie Schooler design... I love them!!  And I know there are a few of you out there that adore them too... Frances being one of them! :)

Here is what they look like in the magazine...

Do you like them?  I have decided to stitch one.. have to wait to see which one!  ha ha I may even stitch all three! 

Its really quite rare to find Prairie Schooler and other amazing designers like Blue Ribbon Designs and Lizzie Kate in UK magazines... but when they do appear its brilliant and I have to stitch them!

Ha ha can you tell I am just a little excited!?  

Well... I have had to be taxi again, going places and waiting around so I took a little photo of our mugs when we stopped for a quick coffee break....

Yes it was Starbucks this time!  Jon is the sugar lover with his coffee!  Han feels all grown up now as she enjoys drinking caramel lattes when we go out for coffee! ha aha 

I have some happy news and that is to say I have finished my Round Robin stitch for my next partner... its very different to what I have been doing, I just hope she likes it.... fingers crossed!  I shall have that in the post this week.

Oh my... rather sad news now..

I have had my first Christmas disaster! 


Well not bad only one I guess?!  
Sad because I made it, and I really love making things... I have put it into a little post and if I have any more breakages then I have an idea for a project for myself on how to use and keep them! I mean how could I throw it away??  Its a robin and not only that, its in half!  I know I am silly but just thought I would keep it for now!

So I am back to stitching now... 

Some of you have been asking how I am... I am fine, taking things a lot slower.. damn anemia!  My doctor has referred me to the hematology clinic to see about having iron injections, but it takes time.  I have 2 speeds at the moment... slow and slower!  But Thank You all for asking :)

Yes stitching.. I will start something tonight...yes one of those lovely Prairie Schooler designs I think!

Smiles to you all :)



  1. I love the Christmas stitches! All of them! I was happy to see your etsy shop growing, and I do believe I saw a sale! Congrats. :-)

  2. You sound so cheery Jacquie. It's all the happy "things" you make. Poor Robin, it actually looks like a piece of broken gingerbread. Love the Santa stitchery. Have a good week. Hugs Shirley N.Z.

  3. Oh yes! Prairie Schooler is definitely what you should stitch next!!! So glad you found some more! That Starbucks looks yummy! I may have to make a quick cup for myself! (it's not as good when I make it at home, but I'm already in my nightgown, so no going out!! HA) Poor little Robin, but you are so good, you can make some more! You may be able to glue him back and use him on an ornament!!!
    Glad to hear you're feeling a little better! I guess this is just something that takes a long time!

  4. Can't wait to buy my mag this week.
    So happy to hear you are feeling better hugs .

  5. Oooh, I will have to go and buy this lovely magazine :D

  6. Christmas designs are always beautiful:-)
    Already approaching, I too want to start:-)

  7. lovely stitching projects :D Awesome choice for a Christmas project.


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