Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Thank You...

I wanted to take the first part of this post to just say a big Thank You... to all of you wonderful people out there.  For many reasons...

For encouraging me and making me feel happy.  For all the wonderful things that you do too... the blog hops, the charity raising, leaving comments and best of all for being you.  

Onto more Thanks now.. for Michelle from Stitch Craft Place.. see a little while ago I answered a question right on her blog and she very kindly sent me a gift ...

It arrived in super quick time and I was thrilled as I always am at receiving post!

Here are the pictures...

Look at this lovely 'stitchy' paper...

Look what was inside...

A little more detail...

The cutest card with a beautiful note book..

And OH MY!! Michelle made some crotchet Christmas ornaments for me.. I feel so lucky.  I have tried to crotchet but cannot grasp it at all, look at these wonderful things..
A pretty snowflake...

And a wonderful Christmas tree..

And what a treat some Weeks Dye thread... Oh I will use this on a special project :)

Such pretty things Michelle sent me... Thank You again :)

I have been stitching and am loving it..

Its the Prairie schooler design I mentioned yesterday, I have started it..

And here is where I am right now...
Its such a pretty design, and coming along nicely too :)

Oh some other news to tell you all about...

Han has had to give up college due to medical reasons.. we met today with the health and safety person and head of Learner Support.  Han was doing fashion design and basically with her back condition was finding it all too difficult for her.  The sitting, the bending, the leaning, the cutting and even the sewing... I was sad... yes of course I was sad as Han was enjoying the course.

Han made the decision to leave, she came to the conclusion that is was all too much for her.  She has decided to wait to see what the specialist says when we finally get to meet them!  It was last november and we were told that Han is on a 14 month waiting list... so fingers crossed for early next year.

I understand that things must be difficult for Han..she knows her body more than anyone else.  Like Jon she too is in daily pain and struggles with practically everything.. I just hope looking ahead something can be done for her.  

As far as college and other education goes she says she will look at her plan B!  What ever that is!!  I am very proud of her no matter what she does :)

Oh one other thing.. not sure if I can do a post tomorrow as we all have to go to London.  Jon has a doctors appointment in Harley Street and we will get back late.

Ok that is it!!

Happy stitching to you all :)

Sending you lots of smiles :)



  1. What a lovely gift you received! I have never done crochet, either, but I love to see what others have created!
    I LOVE your Prairie Schooler start! It looks perfect on that fabric--the color is great! The white floss really shows up well! These are so much fun to sew! CUTE!
    I'm sorry Han is not going to be able to go back to school at the moment. If she is in pain constantly, I can see why she wouldn't be able to endure school.
    Perhaps things will change after you see the doctor. I can't believe you have to wait so long to see the doctor, but I know it's different everywhere. Sounds like it's almost time for her appointment.
    There may be some online courses available and that would be a way she could take some classes. I'm sure it will work out some way--things usually have a way of doing that.
    I hope your trip to London goes well for Jon. It must be hard to travel about when you don't feel particularly well.
    Drive safely!

  2. Lovely gift from lovely Michelle, love the Christmas decors she made for you.

    Sorry to hear about Han, hope she finds some thing that she will be happy with.
    And really hope that Jon and Han can find some cure for the pain, hugs.

  3. What a gorgeous gift, even the wrapping paper is perfect!
    Love your Prairie Schooler design, there are some in this month's issue of Cross Stitch Collectuon magazine too.
    Sorry to hear about Han, but she must out her health first. 14 months is a ridiculous time to have to wait but at least it is free here. I was reading a blog this week about a little girl whose mother has to find $1000 a month just for her medication! I still can't fathom out charging babies and children for essential healthcare.
    Keen to hear what Han's Plan B is! Maybe it involves her being the designer and a team of Mum doing the actual sewing LOL

  4. Lovely gifts, so nicely wrapped!
    Adore your new start and I've definitely added these to my to stitch list... Can't wait for the 14th to get the mag :)
    So sad for Han having to drop out the course she likes. Health first, so let's hope the specialist can relief her pain, when she gets to meet him/her. 14 months is a ridiculous long wait!!!

  5. You deserve lovely gifts. Fantastic new start and tell Han, when one door closes, another opens, generally even better than the one she left. Good luck with all the medical stuff going on. It just seems to go on forever doesnt it, but we are all keeping our fingers crossed for you all

  6. Oh that floss Michelle gave you is perfect for you!!
    I am so sorry for Hannah. What a huge disappointment.
    I am praying for a safe trip for you all.

  7. What lovely gifts from Michelle. I'm so sorry to hear about Han - I look forward to her "Plan B". Take care - safe journey -

  8. Such an awesome package to get in the mail. :D Your stitching is lovely too. Such a pretty little piece.


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