Thursday, 27 November 2014

Blown "ho ho me hearties" away.... WOW!

Hello me hearties!

Yes I have gone all pirate on you today! lol

But today is also Thanks Giving for all my friends across the pond... 

Today is....

See a little while ago I joined in on the Travelling Treasure Chest.. organized by the lovely Kim from Wisdom With Needle and Thread :)

Justine from Justine's Cross Stitch posted the Travelling Treasure Chest onto me... eeeeeek!!

I have been waiting really excitidly (lol is that a word?) and today , yes today the Treasure Chest arrived!!! OMG!!!

I was blown away with its contents... so many wonderful treasures inside.

Shiver me timbers!  So hard to choose...

I could choose 2-3 items and replace the items with my own things.. 

So this is what I chose...

No. 1 choice... But of course!! Oh My... I could not believe that a Blue Ribbon Design was inside!  Thank You to whom ever added this :)

No. 2 choice... Oh my I have seen this stitched by others and so loved it.  Again I could hardly believe it.  Yes!! Thank You to whom ever added this too!

I was only going to choose 2 items but then I saw this little beauty.. and well thought I loved it too much to leave!

No. 3 choice... such a lovely design.. Thank You who ever added this too!

I feel so lucky to of been able to join in on this Travelling Treasure Chest.. and cannot enough all the people (pirates) taking part as the contents is wonderful.

I did put a few more than 3 things back in.. but I feel its fine as I would never stitch them and someone may?

So Yo Ho me hearties a lot of stitching will be going on here!!

Lol as for stitching ....nope I cannot show you anything at the moment as I am stitching my next partners Round Robin design.  Han has seen it and wants it!! I have said no and will.. I hope get around to stitching one for her!

Now I have to tell you all something rather silly...

Not sure if you all recall?
Back in May Han surprised me with the most AMAZING birthday present ever!  I literally screamed!!

Well it was this...

Yes!! OMG its James Blunt live!!!

And well all week Han and I have been really excited about this!

So much so that we actually believed... yes believed that today was Friday the 28th!! ha ha ha a

I am not even joking, we were so hyped up and got dressed and everything.. ready to leave the house when Han said to check the time the doors opened.


ha ha ha lol the date.. as you can see on the ticked clearly says Friday 28 th!! ha ah aha

So lets say today was a trial run!! ha ha

OK... hyped up now for tomorrow!! ha ha aha ha

Rather silly and yet funny and just so us!! OMG we are useless!

Hope it made you giggle!

Happy stitching to you all :)

Oh yes and the Travelling Treasure Chest will be on its travels again soon :)

Smiles :)



  1. Oh what great treasures you got from the chest.

  2. Lol made me chuckle. Have fun tomorrow!

  3. ooh, lovely treasures and I am wondering where does it go next? And lucky, lucky you - James Blunt!

  4. HAHAHAHAH ... so that was what the count down was for .....
    love your goodies you chose ... and can't wait for the progress stitching of them ... love mouse xxxxx

  5. Super things you chose from the travelling chest.
    Have fun tonight!

  6. You chose some great charts from the Treasure Chest :)
    I am so so excited about this and really looking forward for it to come my way!!
    Glad the "trial run" worked ok for you girls!! :D I'm sure you'll have a lovely time TODAY!

  7. Oh those are perfect charts for you Jacquie!
    Have a blast tonight!

  8. nice choices. Who are you sending it off to now? So lucky to see James Blunt, enjoy the concert :)

  9. Oh that treasure chesting seems like so much fun!! :D
    Hope you'll have a great evening!!

  10. That was a real treasure box, wasn't it? You chose some wonderful designs.
    I hope the show will be great today.

  11. I put Peppermint Twist into the Traveling Chest. Glad you like it :)

  12. Ha ha still laughing at you and Han...still it's better than being a day late! Lovely things you chose from the chest.


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