Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A new start....and much more...

Today is a Happy day...

I had a visit form the postman :)  lol oh no... not a 'visit', I mean he has not passed on or anything!  Hmm I think someone needs to pass me a shovel before I get in deeper here!


Well Ok.. I had a packet sent to me and it touched me, I am so very grateful for everyone's friendship and generosity.. and it leaves me quite speechless knowing how genuine and lovely you all are.

So this packet.. a little while ago I sent a fair few of my smiles out in the post, all over the world.  It was so much fun to do.. and as you can appreciate cost a lot in postage too!  I did it to make people smile and when they need a smile or a little pick me up to think of the little smile I sent them.  

I am very much a giver and I love to make people smile.. I just dont have a lot.. and what I have I will share, just for that smile :)

So yes.. sorry I was getting slightly side tracked there... a wonderful person very kindly send me something today...

Firstly how cute is the card!! This little packet came a long way and I am ever so happy.  It was sent from Sue from kiwikids page blog.  Two delightful little bags for me to stitch up...  they are so cute and I am sure I will put them to good use!  Thank You ever so much sue :)

Well I should show you what I decided to stitch.... 

I had a few options.... to add more stitches to one I had already started, hmmm
Or start another one!! ha ha yup!! 
But of course!! 

Well, not sure if you remember but way back at the start of the year my lovely husband bought me a few adorable charts... he says because he loves me!  hee hee Some of them I just cannot stitch from lack of threads... I have thrown away my soap box now so hmmm moving on...

Well... I found one that I had pretty much the sameish colours.. ok I tweeked them a little.  Oh this sounds dreadful..  what I actually did was move the whole colour range over so that I had the colours I need to do the design!

Any way.. here is the start of it.. luckily it only requires 5 threads!!

A close up...

This is my new start and I hope you all like it...
Have you any idea's as to what it might be?  This should be interesting!

Oh my... talking of threads.. I know I was not going to get my soap box out.. but...

I came across a wonderful person (in blogland) today.  I am still in a little shock..yes me actually speechless!!  Jon is pleased!! ha ah a

Well I shall let you all read it and you will see why... The lady is called Gille and her blog is Random Thoughts from Abroad.  Some of you may already know Gille...

I had a little email to go read her blog.. so off I did... and WOW!! I mean... well the very lovely Jo is running the Gifted Gorgeousness year long SAL and Gille is also running a giveaway along with it.. how wonderful, and oh so generous of her.  Apparently I sparked something.. you know with the cost of threads here in UK... come on it is awful how much we have to pay... ooops step off that soap box! And the wonderful Gille is offering something utterly brilliant to stitchers outside the US.  Thank You so much Gille :)

And well I am blown away and speechless because the lovely Gille made Jo and I the first winners!! OMG!! Seriously!! This is why I am speechless!!  Thank You :)

So dont forget to pop along to Random Thoughts From Abroad and read all about what Gille is very kindly doing...

let me just...

Oh this has turned out to be one MASSIVE happy post!!  

Oh yes ...

Now dont forget to sign up to the Friday Night Sew in.. I love taking part in things.  Its wonderful to hop about the blogs and see what everyone is doing, its so much fun.

HERE is the link to Wendy's blog Sugarlane Quilts to sign up, come join in on the fun :)

I am going now as I want to stitch more!!

Smiles to ALL of you :)


  1. awwwww .. gillie is lovely isn't she ... and yes I know her very well apart from seeing her a few times these last few years until she went back across the pond :( good job she visits ..lol she is also one of our lovely mods on my group The Friendly Stitchers :) .. I am mentioned on her blog post ..lol nice wee gifties ... and if you are stuck for some threads squeak ... I have one or two spare ones floating around :) love mouse xxxx

  2. I saw Gillie's post yesterday, so kind of her. I have received one if your Smiles and it cheers me up every time I see it...you are one of many special giving people out in blogland. Can't guess what your new start is but I'm looking forward to seeing more of it!

  3. I was over awed by Gillie's post too. She really is a lovely person, I always enjoy her blog posts.
    It's so nice to be able to make people happy with simple small acts of kindness. Even just organising a blog hop connects friends across the world.

  4. Yes, our stitching blog community is so wonderful. I had read Gillie's post. :) Have a super day!

  5. I'm not sure what your new start will end up as, apart from snowflakes being involved, I know it will be lovely. Those gifts you received are very pretty indeed.

  6. Congratulations on the win! Your new start looks like... snowflakes? I wonder if there will be a snowman involved... or sheep? Something Christmas-like, that's the best guess I can offer.

  7. I was lucky enough to meet Gillie and have lunch at a local garden centre a couple of months ago when she was in the UK, she's a lovely lady. There's a pic of us on my blog if you want to know what she looks like - just scroll back a bit.
    Congrats on your win from her blog.

  8. Good to see the little pack arrived ok......your stitching looks Christmas! There are some wonderful people around in blogland!


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