Friday, 14 November 2014

Rudolf?? lol

Hello friends...

Do you like my coffee at the top?  I had this today when out and I thought it looked like a moose or reindeer... Han thought I was loosing the plot!  So I put the photo into paint and added the bits so you can see what I was seeing!

What do you think?

I know I am crazy right!? ha ha ha

Talking of coffee for years Han would not drink coffee... and now all of a sudden she loves and I mean loves caramel coffee!  Here is the evidence! ha aha

Lol she has no glasses on as that is why we went down town today... her glasses needed new lenses, so while they were being fitted we naturally had a coffee!

OH yes I think I forgot to mention... I have posted my Round Robin off... it went yesterday so should arrive any day now :)  Once arrived I can show you all :)

When I went for the college open day after speaking to the tutors they said I should do some drawings... no matter how good or bad I they can see how I draw.  Well I have no skills when it comes to drawing!  I just went for it... I used Han's Derwent Aqua tone water colour crayons.. I loved using them.  And I think I may draw more things...

Here is what I drew (hmmm that does not look right,) ok here is my drawing...

What do you think?  Can you see what it is?  hmmm 
lol I am not an artist!  I had a go!! You all know I love to try and love to experiment... love doing new things too.  I am hoping my drawing my get better with time?

Onto my stitching now....

Well remember I am stitching this...

Its in Cross Stitch Collection Magazine December 2014, issue 243... they are wonderful Prairie Schooler designs.

This is the one I am doing...

I started it...

That is where I am now.....
Not much left to do..
Its really a fun one to stitch :)

Hope your all well and smiles to you all :)

Happy stitching :)



  1. Yes, it is Rudolph! How timely, as we're getting into that season. And your ornament is very pretty!

  2. HAHA--Yes, I see Rudolph!
    Your drawing looks good--they will be impressed!
    You know I love that Prairie Schooler-it's almost done and I like the color fabric you've used! They are such fun designs!

  3. I saw that and actually thought the moose was facing the other way with his nose on the bottom right and the two bubbles were his eyes. Those are cute stitchings :)

  4. I thought it was Mickey Mouse in your coffee! I can see Rudolph too. Your drawing is beautiful - I think you will be a whizz. I'm starting the Prairie Schooler designs soon...they're lovely. You've inspired me!

  5. I saw Rudolph but with the nose pointing down!! :)
    Your drawing looks great, there is definite talent there, keep at it!
    Love your stitching. Thanks to you I bought the magazine, and I'm looking forward to start stitching away on these cuties this weekend!!! Thanks again xoxox

  6. I like your coffee reindeer, I can see it fine. You do love to try different things. You go girl. do what your heart desires and have lots of fun. hugs Lynda Ruth

  7. I see in coffee tennis player:-)
    Drawing I really like, it's so fine!
    Christmas embroidery is beautiful:-)


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