Monday, 17 November 2014

WOW! A year long SAL...

Hello wonderful friends :)

Well as you see from the title that WOW! Goodness a year long SAL!! I thinks its awesome!  And who is hosting this??  Ah ha... a truly delightful happy person that hosts amazing things all year round...
 Its Jo from Serendipitous Stitching..
If you want to know more about this year long SAL then I have a link... HERE or click the smaller square the same as the large one at the top of this post which says "Gifted Gorgeousness".  Wonderful idea Jo :)

As you all know I have been happily stitching the wonderful Prairie Schooler charts from the latest Cross Stitch Collection magazine...


And I have completed the snowman one...

Thought I would make a start on the next one.... Santa..

So that is where I am now...
This one is stitching up quicker than I thought. 

I went out today with my dad to bingo.. and we won!! ha ha yes we actually did!! H ha not a lot.. and we share it between us!  We go for the fun element and to catch up really.. 

After bingo, I dropped dad off and guess where I went?  See well you know I stitched the snowman one.. and well I started the santa.. I was missing 4 colours.. and well yes I had some, I tried to match them with other DMC colours in the range you know by moving across a shade or two.  Nothing looked good and I knew it just did not feel right.  So with my little winnings from bingo I went to Hobbycraft and bought the 4 threads I needed.  OMG!! 90p for 1 DMC colour!!! Shocked is an understatement.  But I needed them as I wanted santa's face and coat to look good.

This is a difficult one for all us stitchers out there... all over the world threads are different prices but OMG 90p!!  I want to stitch with the threads,... I mean all the charts I have come across use either DMC or Anchor... so you have to buy them!  

Just let me... AAARrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Sorry I think that was necessary!  Feel better now!

Another thing I want to just chat about is how amazing all of you are out there... I hop about peoples blogs and you are all so lovely.  I dont think I have ever met a more wonderful community of people.  A lot of you host giveaways..  and or pass on things.. and even send happy things through the post... I have never felt so accepted anywhere... I am so happy I started blogging and 'met' you all.  I love leaving comments on your blogs... I love seeing what you all get up to... its brilliant :)  And most of all I love to join in on things.. its great fun. Oh did I ramble?  I hope you understand what I have put?

So Thank You to all of you :)

Happy stitching...

Smiles :)


  1. I've been enjoying your progress with these charming pieces. They're wonderful. I'll be joining you over at Jo's for 2015 :)

  2. These are cute but man those prices. We pay $.40 here. I'll be joining you as well :)

  3. Well done Jacquie! Who knows, maybe I will join you guys for 2015.
    Evalina, This and that...

  4. Good for you and your father! Check with Ingrid over at MiiStitch. She recently found where to get the best prices on the DMC.

  5. Winnings - woo hoo for you!
    I just did a comparison for price to $AU - I can get my DMC for AU$0.99, whereas yours was comparing at AU$1.61... wow that's a steep difference. I agree with the other Comments - Jacquie do a check around for the best prices you can get in the UK, surely you can do better than your 90p. x

  6. Love your stitching, coming along nicely. Can't wait to see them all done. Glad you won at Bingo, I never win. I pay $.49 to $.69 for DMC floss depending on what store I go to. hugs Lynda Ruth

  7. Beautiful snowman, and good luck on your Santa! DMC floss can get up there - but I usually pay about $.0.42 a skein (at Michael's here) or, if I am really in a bind and it's a hard to find color - $0.68 (at a "specialty" shop for stitchers).
    Thank you for keeping your blog! It's so nice to see your updates regularly. I wish I was that consistent with my blogging.
    Have a good day. :)

  8. Your PS ornaments are looking great!

  9. Gorgeous stitching :-D yeah that is cheap for threads the cheapest here is $1.20 a skein unless you're lucky and they're on special.


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