Saturday, 8 November 2014


I just love all the comments you all left on my last post.. Thank You.

Yes this is what I got up to on Friday night with friends!  

As you can see from the picture at the top I have indeed been making buttons!  These are a different type... terracotta clay and natural looking.  I have added a little red acrylic paint  here and there then varnished them.  They were a little experiment to see what they come out like... I really like them.  I like the robins.. so I think that I will be making more of them :)

Close up...

The other thing I just adore what I made is this...

These owls were a try and see kind of thing and I LOVE them... they are so cute.

I have LOADS more ideas and I should really start making a booklet of ideas as there are that many now!

I have no plan as such to what I make.. I just make what makes me happy!  

So that is the buttons... 

And I have started a little stitch too...

Something totally new, just for me! :)

Here is the start...

I am using 18 count ivory Aida with DMC 4045 variegated thread... lol any excuse to use a variegated thread!  I will hopefully of finished this tomorrow... and then able to show you all.

I know a lot of you like playing along with me... so ... any suggestions as to what I am stitching?  :)

I have made a lot of progress on my Round Robin stitch... hope to finish that next week and post.

Thank You all for popping in, so lovely to see you all :)

Happy smiles to you all :)



  1. WOW those buttons are fabulous! Well done! :)

  2. Wow - your buttons are amazing - so creative.

  3. Lovely buttons! Wait... now I want to make some!
    Great start on the stitching project. :)

  4. Your buttons are beautiful, well done!

  5. Hello Jacquie. Just visiting from FNWF and I love your buttons. Are you going to sell them in your new shop?

  6. Cute as a Button!!! Lovely buttons you created. love Annette

  7. Annette guessed it surely?! But which cute button will you choose to finish it? Your buttons are lovely. You are a very creative lady!

  8. Jacquie the Business Mogul! Woo Hoo!
    I'm sure your venture will be a happy success Jax - & I do so love the way you've carded up the buttons... best wishes & good luck! x

  9. love the buttons they are soooo cute and you are stitching cute as a button I am sure :) love mouse xxxxx

  10. I've popped over from FNwF. The buttons are really sweet. Can't wait to see what you make with your cross stitch. I have to agree with you about the verigated thread. ;)

  11. You are obviously enjoying yourself. :) Love the gingerbread heart.♥

  12. Hi Jacqui
    I found you through Butterfly Wings.
    Just love the buttons - they are all great.
    Lovely new start, I love variegated thread too and I also have the same pair of embroidery scissors.
    Wishing you a good week x

  13. I like excuses to use variegated thread too! Even if I'm already a slow stitcher and stitching one little X at a time seems to take foreverrrrrr haha. I love the maple leaf and gingerbread buttons!

    Hmm maybe you are stitching Cuba Gooding Jr?! Or is that a 't'... Cutco!?

  14. More great buttons! And I love the pun "cute as a button" for your new start.
    The little owls look like they are wearing spectacles with the thread between their eyes!

  15. Those bottons are so lovely
    Hugs x

  16. They look lovely Jacquie, a great little present to pop in a envelope.

    Happy days.

  17. You are doing such a good job with your buttons! You are a professional!!!
    You sure are willing to try many things and it looks like you enjoy all of them!
    I also love that green thread!!!!


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