Wednesday, 5 November 2014


I am really enjoying my experimental project with button making...

I have so many 'fun' ideas going around my head right now...

I have been experimenting with a Christmas Robin...

Not sure which I like best so need a little feed back, please :)

They are 'subtly' different.. whether it is their red front, colour of brown... and eye colour... take a look and see what you think?  These are the 'rough' see which I like best ones... so not really what they will look like, the actual ones will be smoother and much tidier too!

Here we are..

See the main noticeable thing is their red fronts... I just cannot decide which one I like best?  Help ... please :)

I will be back soon with something really cute to show you all... hope you like it :)

Oooh yes and I am still cross stitching!  I am busy stitching my next partners Round Robin! ha ha robin!! 

Take care of yourselves.... happy stitching :)

Smiles :)


  1. I think you definitely should stay with a black eye color. Otherwise I like the second a tad more but both the black eyes are cute.

  2. I'm with Heather. The one in the middle is my favorite, but they're all so sweet!

  3. Too, too cute! You are just full of wonderful ideas!!!
    I prefer the center one, but I like all, actually!! I like the shape of the red breast on the center bird!!
    There are so many cute bird ornaments around to stitch!!! LOL You could put these buttons on one of those! HA
    You are really accomplishing a great deal! I hope this means you are feeling better!!

  4. I am so impressed. All your buttons are beautiful. I do love the middle one.
    Great job! love Annette

  5. I like the middle too, maybe because the hole placement! I think the first one would be awkward to button. They all look cute!

  6. Jaquie,tu as une idée fantastique,merveilleuse! continue car il sont trés beaux

  7. They are lovely! I like the one in the middle best, the straight edge to the red gives it a "cleaner" finish I think

  8. They are so cute I love the middle one in row one.

  9. I had to go back to look quite a few times, because I was second guessing myself, since I have a different answer than everyone else. I like the third, but with a black eye. =) You are doing such sweet work Jacquie!

  10. they are all adorable, but I do like the middle one. I think the red is better balanced on his tummy, and as his namesake, I feel I have some form here. ;)

  11. I think that the most beautiful knob is in the middle:-)
    But they are all cute:-)


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