Saturday, 1 November 2014

Love Dylon experimenting....

How cool is this!!?? Oh my!  No I have not just bought a MAC!! Ha ha although I would love one!  Ha ha no when we were out yesterday Han put my blog on the MAC in PC World!  I loved it! ha ha just thought I would share that with you all :)


Hello every one....

Almost missed that... its the 1 st of November!  OMG!! Not long until Christmas!.. hmmm 53 days I think! ha ah 

I hope you all had a lovely 'scary' Halloween?  We decided to go out!  You know for a wonder!  As we do!

We started off in Hobbycraft then the garden center then went over to Brighton to ASDA shopping then stopped off at Brighton pier before going home.  A lovely outing!

Here are some photo's of our Halloween day out....

The garden center has a lovely selection of Christmas trees..

 Oh look its us...

Brighton pier is lovely at night with all the lights...

Look what Han won!...

That it is really!

I cannot show you any stitching as I have been busy doing something else... really experimental..

Want to see?


I have been dyeing... using Dylon to dye some fabrics... but used a different technique and really loving the whole experimental thing... you know oooh lets see what happens!

This is what I had...

And look at the colour all mixed up...

Here is what I did...

I have something planned for this wonderful coloured fabric... 

Look my finished colours..

I left one lot of fabric in the dye colour longer than the other... it created wonderful shades of orange.  Love it!

Although I am thinking about taking one or two of these and over dying them with a yellow... to create a new 'sunshine' colour :) .... thinking about it...

I am thrilled with the look of these, I have been meaning to do this for ages... I love experimenting and this was brilliant!

Got to go...

Doing something else really experimental too... yes something totally new to show and share with you all.  But not yet... soon :)

Must just say 'Hello' to all my new followers, your most welcome and please feel free to comment when ever you like..  
I am thrilled that I have now got over 100 followers.. me gosh!! Its very over whelming to know so many people like me and what to see what I get up to!  Thank You :)

I am planning another giveaway... something really unique and special.. so keep watching as I will tell you all about it very soon :)

Happy stitching, sewing, quilting... crafting!  To all of you :)

Smiles to you all :)



  1. Gorgeous fabric! I just started during myself and I like the tulip brand I use but think I'll be converting to Procion soon. Great update!

  2. What a lovely post! WOW your fabrics look fantastic! It is fun to dye fabrics. LOVE the Christmas trees. I know it will be here before we know it! love Annette

  3. Lovely fabric my dear
    Looking so sweet
    Have fun xx

  4. Great dyeing. Hope Han is feeling a lot better.

  5. Your dyeing fabrics is interesting !!!
    The orange color is gorgeous:-)
    I wonder sewing !!!
    Christmas trees are terrific, I like the modest:-)

  6. I love the big themed trees. I do like a colour coordinated tree!
    The orange fabric looks great. The third one down with all the white would look good overdyed with yellow. Very summery!

  7. Wow! Great fabric!!
    Your dyeing really went well and the pieces all look lovely xox

  8. Ooh what lovely fabrics you have created. Would love to try this


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