Thursday, 20 November 2014

I tried!

Today I thought I would have a play with some metallic threads I have...

Yes... hello friends :)

They have been sitting in my drawer for some time now and well seeing as its Christmas I thought I would make a Christmas card.  I mean... how hard can that be?


Oh my!! I have literally spent ALL day on this!  Metallic threads are well... not the easiest thing to use are they?  I tried and well... I never gave up, I think that is important as I did want to throw it across the room several times!

Here is how it started...

The metallic threads I chose.. ha ha I never actually realized they would stitch up the same! I know now!!

Yes... green!  A nice Christmassy colour... nope never stitched a tree, although you would of thought I would of! I chose something a little more traditional.  A bauble... and well it came out ...different looking...but I tried!


Several hours later...

A little close up.. although you cannot see the green at all..

I am pleased I tried to use metallic threads... I would of wondered what they were like!

And my conclusion is that I really dislike them! ha ha 

Thought I would have another go at a Christmas card...using 'normal' threads'.  I did think of using one of my buttons but I fear it might of broken in the post before it reached its destination.

I love to stitch but OH MY!!  I dont think card making is for me!  But like the title of this thread states.... I tried!

Back to my 'new' stitch.. cannot show you any more.. maybe tomorrow :)  Yes I could stitch a lot more tomorrow with all the lovely crafters and stitchers all over the world joining in on the Friday Night Sew In :)

Take care... happy stitching to you all :)

And THANK YOU for all your kind words regarding  Han :)

Smiles :)


  1. I don't like using metallic threads because they are a pain as you know now lol but the cards still turned out pretty.

  2. I agree about the metallic thread. :-P but the cards are beautiful. Especially the first one with the ornament. :-) nicely done and good for you for trying something new. You never know... the more you try it the more you may enjoy it!

  3. Yes, metallics are a pain to work with, but very pretty! Both cards are lovely!!!!

  4. Metallics are annoying but they look so good after it's worth it. I've used dmc light effects as well as kreinik and I like kreinik much better

  5. Metallics are a pain!! and some are better than others but still its a slow and painful process using them. If you want another adventure, try Whisper Thread...ugh!!

    Your bauble came out cute. The work paid off. :)

  6. Very nice blog you have. I'm new to your blog. Your cards look great! Metallics can be hard, but worth the effort. I use Thread Heaven on my metallics. A quick Google search and you can find some helpful tips.

  7. Not many like to use metallic threads, they are so annoying and split and fray all the time. Your card looks great Jacqui, well done for persevering with the thread and completing it.
    Some use 'thread heaven' its a little square box of wax that you can wipe your thread along to wax it a little before stitching with it.

  8. I think your cards are lovely.
    I have tried metallic threads and do like them, I donot use them often, it does take a little work to get used to them, both card are lovely.


  9. Metallics can be annoying to work with. I find it easier when I use small lengths, so it doesn't have time to fray...
    Your little bauble has turned out lovely though. Great idea to stitch it on red fabric too :)

  10. I've been wondering about these threads, wondering if they'd be better than kreinik. Thanks for letting us know your opinion of them. I love how it looks thought. Perfect for the holidays.

  11. I don't think Madeira are the best metallics anyway. I use Kreinik #4 braid or DMC metallics and both are better than Madeira in my opinion. Treasure Braid is meant to be really nice too but I've not used that.
    Anyway, your green bauble looks lovely to me.

  12. Oh but the cards are wonderful! Good for you trying out new adventures. =)

  13. Jacquie, your Christmas cards are wonderful!
    Who receives them will be pleased:-))

  14. The cards look wonderful - and I do see the green in the bauble. :) Metallic thread is always.. challenging (to avoid the more expressive and more used expression), but, nonetheless, your cards look very, very good. Very nice try!

  15. What a wonderful idea making your card, adding your own personal touch. Makes them extra special.

  16. Haha, love your thoughts on metallic threads! I have a love-hate relationship: I hate to love them!!! But they do look so wonderful after you've suffered through a piece with them. I don't often have them fraying but they ALWAYS twist up so that it's impossible to railroad them. Your ornament looks great with them~ :D

  17. Your cards are great. Just finished a tree made of red hearts with DMC E677 ornaments. As Mii said, only use short lengths otherwise it's only good to fill the bowl of off-cut threads. Amitiés


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