Monday, 24 November 2014 nah!

Hello my wonderful blogging friends :)

Lol ... from my header I think you know I have had erm... no sleep!  Not through want of trying... my sleep pattern is well and truly out of kilter. 

I think it all started when I was sat in A& E a little while back with Han at 4 am !! And well been trying to go to bed at a normal hour but just not tired.  So been up stitching or watching tv until literally 6 or 8 am!  Then flake out for a few hours.. say 1 or 2 pm then awake again until the early hours.  A cycle going round and round...

I have to take Han and her friend to a music concert tonight... this will be a late night as she is not back until 11 pm gone.  Hmmm so I will try once I am back to sleep... my mum said for me to go to bed then and she will call at 9 am to make sure I dont get too much sleep!  ha ha so I am willing to give this a go.

I did not blog over the weekend... thought about it, wanted to.. but to be honest was to darn tired.  Yes even though all my sleeping pattern is messed up I still am battling with my anemia and am just so tired.. worn out... no energy.  Oh but there is GOOD news on this!!  My doctor called .. yes called me!! shocked!!  Anyway... yes I should be getting an appointment soon regarding iron injections at the hospital!! yippppeeeeeeeee!!! And the other thing the doctor mentioned was for me to go for CBT.. some for of counselling?  Apparently to help with my stress levels and SpLd's... anyone had CBT or know of it?  I am one of those people that cannot see what talking to a stranger can do?  Its me.. my opinion.. I would be most interested to hear from you if you know or been to counselling as I am needing information ... just want to know what its like and what they do?

Stitching?... yes I have done some!

Been doing more on my Little House Needleworks Sheep design called "Warm Winter Woolens"

Loving how its looking right now... its going to look awesome when finished :)

Oooh I can show you all some other stitching I have done.. the Round Robin stitch I recently did has now arrived at its destination :)

here it is...yes I sent some 'happy' things with it too :)
I wanted to do something fun and colourful and this is what I found!

Its from The World Of Cross Stitching magazine issue 218... designed by Durene Jones.

I have my next Round Robin partner... so more Sssshhhh stitching to do!!

Back to the sheep I think!

Smiles to all of you :)



  1. Sorry to read that you're having sleeping dilemmas, however you are putting your wakeful hours to fabulous use! Your sheep is coming along so nicely and the kitty stitchery is very cute! Hope you manage to get some Zzz's soon ;)

  2. A great RR design you stitched and sent off, its lovely.
    I've had counselling, best thing I ever did, but not CBT type.

  3. Sorry you are not getting much sleep , I get the odd night when I just can't sleep my mind gets over active and thats it no sleep.
    Love your stitching every thing looks fab.

  4. I hear you about not getting much sleep, it's so exhausting. But your stitching is fab and it proves that even if there's something wrong with your sleep pattern it's not affecting you overmuch (which is a good sign, actually, even if you think I'm bonkers!).

    I have had both CBT and "social counselling". Best thing I ever did but I was really sceptical at first. I mean, what can talking to a total stranger do?! What it did do was to help me to really understand and deal with what was/is my fault - and much more importantly what's NOT. What was imposed on me from the outside but made me feel guilty and uncomfortable. Why a certain level of anxiety is ok and when it's turning dangerous. That's it's ok to be me and that it's important to be selfish once in a while to stay sane! That the cousellor was a total stranger helped a lot. Not knowing me or any of the other people involved neither had any preconcieved ideas about me and would not judge me. Friends/family members/colleagues often do judge and sometimes condemn even when they have sworn they wouldn't because the don't have the distance to view things objectively. And to let you discover things for yourself.
    So, I'd say go for it. Let yourself in for it, keeping an open mind. If it's not for you, you'll know soon enough but don't chuck it just because you dissolve into tears the first meeting (I did) and are ashamed of it and frightened what might be said next time you meet. A lot of things we worry about are just in our minds, and they are used to seeing a lot of things.
    And, in case you are worried you'll have to bare your soul and that nothing will be tabou, I don't think you have to worry. I was never made to talk about anything I didn't want to (Althought I might have been asked about the why) and in one case was told it would be better to allow things to rest because forcing them into the open might hurt me more than it being a distant and not very clear memory. It's supposed to make you see yourself in a clearer light and help you change if you want/need to. It's not about making you hurt.

    I'm sorry to be posting this anonymously but there are people who might know me by name/nickname easily and I don't want everyone and his wife knowing about my past. I'm not ashamed of anything but people knowing about it sometimes makes things harder, especially if they are very conservative in the way of "we don't talk about our troubles to anyone" and "our family never requests any help".

    1. Thank you very much ... I totally understand about the whole anonymous thing. I am very appreciative of your comment, and I am now feeling a lot more relaxed about things. I can but give it a go! Thank You.

  5. I love your sweet stitching. I hope you have sweet dreams tonight!

  6. I particularly love your sheep - looks so warm and cuddly. Good luck with getting your sleep patterns back into gear.

  7. Love, love your sheep. You do fabulous work, Jacquie! I hope you can get some well-deserved rest.

  8. When I went to a counselor for an undiagnosed glitch in the Matrix several years ago, I found it easier to talk with them because they were a stranger. They were an unknown, blank slate and I found that because of that, I could be me so much easier. I was never made to talk about things I didn't want to and we explored the why behind the things I was okay with talking about. It was a good experience and it even came to the point where I enjoyed the sessions because they were like a release for emotions I never knew I had. They were there to help me figure myself out (although that will be a forever WIP!) and be better equipped to deal with the quirks. :)

    That little kitty is adorable, eeeeee. And your stitching is so neat and tidy too!

  9. I am impressed by your GP surgery!!! :) Fantastic news they called you. I personally would give a go at counselling and see how you feel after a few sessions. Might helps :)
    LOVE your little woolly sheep, it's coming along so nicely.
    The RR finish looks so cute & colourful, a great choice! :)

  10. Hi Jacquie - I'm going to go all mother-ish on you & say it really it so important to get your sleep issue sorted out pronto... sleep problems lead to other problems... which I'm sure you already know.

    As for the CBT - I found it a totally amazing tool & personal journey in recovering from post natal depression back in 2000... definitely beneficial for anxiety... I'm sure that the doc will explain how he thinks it will help you... CBT has a benefit for a wide range of issues & personally I think everyone should do it at least once in their lives, even if just to learn a bit more about themselves & what makes them tick...

  11. Your little shieepie is looking adorable!

    I hope you get your sleep cycle back to normal soon. I know when mine gets out of whack it effects every aspect of my day!!!

    Take care of yourself, not just the ones around you. Because if you don't take care of number one how can you help the others around you?

  12. So good to hear you had the phone call from the Dr. I had iron injections years ago and they were the best thing for me...gone were the dizzies and lethargy!! Love the little cat stitchery!
    Look after yourself

  13. Sleep ? Was doing my ironing between 2 an 4.30 this night. Should better have count your lovely sheeps ? ;) Bonne nuit xx

  14. I think Anon has said it all about counselling. And as Rosey says the fact that it IS a stranger makes it easier. No-one wants to over burden their friends and once you have said something it is there for evermore, your friends will always know what you have told them. Whereas a counsellor takes the information and files it away, it won't affect your friendship with them!
    CBT is not like listening counselling either, it's a way of coping with life, the B is Behaviour and you will learn how you can change bad habits for the better.
    I think it's a great idea!


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