Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Your all so nice...

Hello lovely friends :)
I hope you are all well.... stitching or making things? 
I have been really busy..

Firstly, Thank You to all of you that reassured me about the CBT and counselling, I feel so much better.  And you all be pleased to know I think my sleeping pattern is improving :)  Went to bed last night around 12 due to getting back home after collecting Han from a concert.  And my mum phoned me at 9 am this morning to get me up so that I can hopefully go to bed at a 'normal' hour this evening.  Its looking hopeful...

Ok stitching wise.. I have just literally finished my wonderful sheep design.  Its a Little House Needleworks design called "Warm Winter Woolens" and I really enjoyed stitching it.

I wanted to put it on my wall... the first of many sheep designs I hope!  A kind of 'sheep' wall! ha ha  or baa baa!

Here it is.. start to finish :)

Hope you like my sheep?

Oooh I must tell you all some wonderful...

A little while ago I made a small donation to Stitchers Anon  for Gaynor's charity event to raise money for breast cancer.  I was delighted to find my raffle ticket was chosen :)  How wonderful!!  I was able to choose from the wonderful prizes and kind donations made by people for this event.  I am happy to say I chose a wonderful chart donated very kindly by Ingrid of Mii Stitch .. such a pretty chart.. 

And one to stitch for Easter...

Thank You very much Gaynor and Ingrid :)

I had more Happy post today... yes I did!!

I could not believe it a little while ago when Frances from A Symphony Of Stitches had a giveaway of several books and charts.  I was a little shocked as she very kindly chose me for one of her beautiful books. Thank You very very much Frances :)

I have something in mind from the book already to stitch...

How lovely is this book!! 

Ooooh yes... 

One last thing to tell you all about..

We have a celebrity in our midst!...

I received my subscription copy of Cross Stitch Crazy magazine.. issue 198, January 2015 ... turn to page 65...

Our very own Gaynor from Stitchers Anon :)

Congratulations getting into the magazine :) xx

Well that is me...

Now to choose what to stitch next..

Smiles to you all :)



  1. So many things going on! I adore the sheep :-) Congratulations on winning so many wonderful things.
    What a lovely article and a beautiful thing everyone did to help out.

  2. Great post, Jacquie, love your finish and your prizes and thanks for the heads up about the mag with Gaynor in it - I must check it out.

  3. Cute I love Santa and the reindeer from the book!

  4. Your finish is soo cute. Congrats on all if your lovely surprises

  5. I love the idea of sheep wall - I think I will start working on one also!

  6. Your finish is so delightful, thank you for sharing. Wonderful projects coming up in your future :)

  7. Well, you did have a nice day today!
    I love the sheep in the sweater!! too, too cute!
    And that bunny in the dress is sweet, too---your animals wear clothes!!! HAHA
    I'm so glad you like the book--it was really the prettiest one! The little snowmen are so different and clever, and I hope you'll take on that huge project of thebSanta and reindeer! Wouldn't that be a lovely display every year????
    I'm glad you are sleeping better-that will probably help you to feel better if you're not so tired and sleepy!
    Happy Thanksgiving from the US!

  8. You have done a fantastic job with the sheep - love it, will give you much pleasure on the wall I am sure! Well done on winning those goodies, that book is beautiful!!! Can't wait to see what your next project is....hope the sleeping patterns are settled down for you now...nothing better than a good nights sleep!

  9. Wow! Hope you slept better last night. Those prizes are wonderful and I'm looking forward to seeing you stitch up Santa and his reindeer. I love your sheep too, the colour of his bottom is gorgeous!

  10. W W Waouh the LHN work is really great. It seems there is such amazing stitchings in the book. Congrats.

  11. The sheep looks great, perfect frame for him too.
    Congratulations on your wins, lovely chart and a beautiful book. I like to own stitching books even if I never stitch anything from them I just like to read them!
    Lovely article on Gaynor too.

  12. Congrats on finishing the sheep, it looks great ☺
    It will look really good on your sheep wall!
    Enjoy the chart, I'm amazed how quick the postman was for once.

  13. Beautifully stitching

  14. The sheep is ADORABLE!! Love the idea of a sheep wall…..
    Congrats on winning the lovely chart from Ingrid -

  15. Great sheep finish.
    Will have to look out for that mag.

  16. That's such a great frame for your sheep! :D Congrats on your winnings and on your sleep lol!


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