Monday, 3 November 2014

Something new...


Well here we are in November... not long until Christmas!  EEEkkk!! How exciting! Hmm guess I should think about some Christmas presents for family and friends... are you all prepared?

What have I been up to??

I have been experimenting again!

Oooh but with something I have been meaning to try for a while now..

Not sure what you all think but I LOVE buttons... anything to do with them actually!  The size, shape and colour.. ooh and I love all the wonderful shaped buttons these days too.

Been looking into this a little more and decided to have a go at making my own buttons!  EEEkkk I know exciting right?!  Oh well I was and am still really excited about it!  I  mean... I can make my own buttons?!  Crazy right?! 

Well I did!!

Jon sourced be a started set of 'Fimo' oven bake clay and well I got creating! ha ha 

Here is what I got up to...

Rolled out some brown and started to roll tiny balls of colour and add them..

Adding the little rolled balls here...


Then they are set into the brown...

And filled the brown up...

Then cut some shapes out...

Baked in the oven then varnished.... and finished!

I really love them... they come out so good, better than I had expected.  So I can put them on my stitching.. make what ever I like really!  Oooh SOOOOOOOOOOOO exciting!

What do you think? 
Do you like them?
What should I make next?

Love to know what you all think :)

Oooh back to the stitching I think... then I can add some of my wonderful buttons!

Smiles :)



  1. I think they are so cute and express personality!

  2. Those are cute! I'm not really a button person but those came out great!

  3. How very sweet! Great color combo.

  4. Are wonderful !!!
    Good idea and nice designs buttons:-)

  5. They are wonderful - I first thought they were cookies, good enough to eat! Yum!
    I say - try to make Gingerbread Men next. Haha... I remember looking for them (in button form) last Christmas for a project - and they had none! I would love to see how they look with your creative spark. ;)

  6. Love, love, love this idea! How about some Christmas themed ones?

  7. You certainly are creative!!!
    Those buttons are so cute! And they look so neat and professional!
    Great job!!!!!

  8. Seasonal shopping??? What?? Better start really :D
    Your buttons are so cute!! I love your idea of adding little spots.
    They really look perfect, well done :)

  9. Wow Jacquie - what a great idea to play with making your own buttons - love them, you clever thing!
    I totally love buttons; I buy them, hoard them, play with them, categorise, display & even sew with them!

  10. They really are wonderful. WOW! I saw your post after this one. I am trying to get caught up in reading blogs. What a beautiful job you did making them. love Annette

  11. How clever are you! Did you use a special cutter or do them by hand? How about making me some candy cones for my last Hallowe'en stitch LOL


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