Tuesday, 18 November 2014

So pleased with myself...

Yes hello friends... we did it again!  We love the new Christmas flavors in Costa so much we went back for more!

Han had the Sticky Toffee Latte on the left and I had the Gingerbread (unsweetened skinny) Latte on the right... yes the one with the cute tiny gingerbread!  Jon had the massive festive looking cappuccino! mmmmm

That was a wonderful start to our day!

Later on, Han found a free sample of tea for me to try... hmmm well I dont really drink tea so I thought I would give it a go.  The only tea I drink is the herbal kind.. they are delicious.  This tea was called... Chai Latte.  Now being called a Latte I was expecting it to taste like one! haha a 

I well... it was not for me lets say!

Now we do have one spare.. if you have not tried it and would like to.. let me know and I will post it off to you!  Oh and a little something form me :)  Just because I love to send things out!

I tell you today has been a rather odd day for me... 

The next thing I asked Han for was some ice to put in my diet coke... hmm

This is what I got...

lol!  I did ask for ice!!  My own fault really!
Do you like my wonderful Butterbeer mug?  Its brilliant, I love it... and being toughened hard plastic its perfect for me!  See I tend to drop things... a lot!!  Yes we bought it on one of our trips out... when we went to the Harry Potter Studios in London.

So onto some stitching...

Yes I have finished the Snowman and Santa Prairie Schooler designs in the Cross Stitch Collection December 2014 issue.  I am really pleased... I think they look really good too.  I have decided not to do the 3rd one.. I like the 2 I have done.

What do you think...

The journey for the snowman...

The journey for Santa...

I loved stitching these...

Now to decide how to finish them...

Not sure at this point how or what I am going to do to finish them... it will come to me I know it! ha ah 

So I have been hopping again around some blogs and... OMG!! some lovely things out there.

Mii is stitching a beautiful flower design, its stunning and well I guess she has inspired me..  I have a really pretty design in my stash that I have had for what seems forever.. so maybe I will get it out and start it?  Thinking about it!!

Or maybe I will finish one I already have on the go?  Oh decisions decisions!  Hmm

I will think on it....

Hope your all well, a quick few messages...

Congratulations to Belinda from Blue Ribbon Designs mum, she recently go married.  The photo's are really lovely, and the bride looks stunning in her dress.  I wish them many a happy year together.

Oh.. I wish some happy smiles to Gaynor from Stitchers Anon blog as she is a little under the weather.  I hope all is well... know that I am thinking of you :)

And to anyone else out there, that is in need of a smile or two...



  1. Those are still cute! I like the red and green finishes :) I have that mug as well but it's from Universal Orlando which is like 15 minutes from my house! It looks exactly the same as mine.

  2. Mmmmm Chai Latte, I'd love to try this! The lattes you treated yourselves to look scrumptious!
    Your stitching is , once again, darling:)

  3. I enjoyed soy chai from Costa's when we were over in the UK..very yummy! The Christmas drinks look wonderful! Your Christmas stitcheries are beautiful! Looking forward to seeing how you finish them off....love the ice in the mug!! Lol!!

  4. Love those Prairie Schoolers! I'm sure you'll finish them perfectly! Your Christmas tree will be lovely!!!

  5. Love those Christmas finishes! Those lattes look yummy!

  6. I love your Prairie Schoolers! Can't wait to see how you finish them. Your coffees look lovely. Thanks for the smile - I needed one this morning!

  7. Love your stitching and the coffees!!! Take care -

  8. Those beverages look yummy! Great finishes love the wide red rick rack

  9. Love Santa! They both turned out lovely. I don't blame you for going back for the coffee either. They look delicious!!

  10. hahaha! I am drinking my tea chai latte as we speak. I have tea once a week at lunch after church, in the basement with my lunch there. Otherwise my dear husband makes me different flavored tea chai lattes. My favorite is pumpkin. :) Mine are always made with milk. I have had them with water. I did not like it. Maybe you could try again some time with milk?

  11. The PS snowman and Santa look just great! Congrats on finishing them both!

  12. I love the snowman and santa and am looking forward to seeing them both as finished ornies. I am not a tea drinker either, in fact I don't even drink coffee, but I love a Cadbury's hot chocolate every now and then. It is not available here, but I buy it on the internet. What would we do without modern technology....

  13. Jacquie, everything looks yummy:-))
    Even coffee and tea, a snowman and Santa:-)

  14. HMM, I feel a trip to Costas coming on. My daughter loves that Chai latte, me, I prefer my tea plain and strong.
    Lovely stitching on the PS pieces


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