Saturday, 29 November 2014

Best Birthday Gift EVER!!!

Hello wonderful friends...

Oh I am so so sorry for such a late post... its 1.42 am and I have literally only been in the house for about 20 minutes!  

OH MY!!! I have so much to tell you all!!

Firstly do you like the photo of Han and I ?  As you all know today was James Blunt day!! Yippppppeeee!!  And well to pass the hours my parents took Han and I into town for lunch and a wander around the shops.  

Look what we found!  So warm :)  No we did not buy them... maybe we should ready for the snow? lol

And look at the Christmas decorations.. terrible!! I mean so drab...

Yes a random photo from Han showing the wonderful decorations our town put up.. I mean no expense spared here! hmmm

So that was earlier in the day!

We left the house around 6 pm to make sure we arrived and had enough time to park and get into the venue.

I should tell you all a little back ground...

Well James Blunt I think is brilliant!  I totally understand that he is not every ones cup of tea.. that is fine.  But I actually do like his voice.  I have been listening to him for years and years... in the car, in the house.. and even brain washing Han too!  Ha ha and as it goes Han likes him too!

I never for one minute thought that I would ever see him in concert ... I mean hes such a 'big' star.  I was totally blown away when Han bought tickets for us both to go see him live.  I mean I literally screamed the house down and cried for ages!  Its really the best thing Han has ever bought me!

Going back a few days before Han gave me the ticket.... we were in the car just chatting and ha ha listening to James Blunt CD!  Han asked me who the one person... if I could see anyone... who would I like to see in concert.. I blurted out James Blunt naturally!!  Thinking back it was such a strange conversation..see Han did not know then that James Blunt was touring near us!  She found out and the day the tickets went on sale she bought them!! Keeping it a secret from me!

Ha ha until they arrived!

So yes ... 

here are some photo's of the night.. Han took them :)

We had really good seats and a clear view too..

It was AMAZING!! 

As soon as the first song started and I heard him sing... I started to cry.  I was so overwhelmed.. I mean listening to hin for years and now he was on stage singing.... I could see and hear him!!  Totally surreal... and emotional too.

He sang old and new songs and we clapped and sang along.. it was brilliant.


When it finished Han and I took a chance and waited by the back door... no not stalking!  Just been fans!!  And waited...

Then OMG!!!

James Blunt came out and signed peoples things and had photo's taken.

And .. I got to meet him!!
I did!!

I had a little chat to him and smiled lots... And he signed our tickets!

He thanked Han and I for coming and he was so sweet. Another surreal moment!  Never thought I would meet him!!  
My signed ticket...


I am still blown away at the evening I have just had!  I dare say this will never get topped!

Thank You ever so much Han for a Wonderful Birthday present. :)

Oh if your all wondering.. no its not my birthday!  Han bought the tickets in May for my birthday in June and I hae waited all year to use them!! 

So if your not a James Blunt fan... sorry but OMG I am!!  If you are... how awesome was our evening!!! 

Smiles to you all...

Back to some stitching tomorrow!



  1. What a great gift........happy birthday.....James Blunt is his music...........

  2. Love his "Bonfire Heart" song and I have his first album. Glad you enjoyed the show.

  3. What a great gift - so glad you and Han could share the evening - and meeting him was icing on the cake… pun intended.

  4. What a memorable mother/daughter evening, those are so special.

  5. What a wonderful evening! Thank you for sharing.

  6. How great! I'm glad you had fun!

  7. So good to read...I am all teary just sitting here reading this with a big dopey smile on my face!!!...amazing you got to meet him....such a lovely thing for you and Han to do together!

  8. Wow what an amazing experience Jacquie... and how fab that you only have 6 months to wait for your next birthday pressies, LOL x

  9. Sounds like a wonderful time

  10. What a wonderful experience, fantastic!

  11. The icing on the cake is to have had the chance to obtain the autograph and have a little chat!! Fantastic :)

  12. How fantastic!! So thrilled that you had a wonderful time. :-)


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