Thursday, 31 January 2013

Hic cup... Day 20...

Rather than not post anything I thought I would explain what has happened to me today...

I woke this morning as usual really happy full of beans and ready to take on the world!  I had a doctors appointment to get this monthly blighted problem sorted as its just dragging on far too long.  (trying not to go into too much detail!)

Basically I was sent to the hospital for blood tests and thought nothing more of it.  Later in the day around 5pm, the doctor called me to give me the blood test results.  Rather odd I thought, but good service!  The doctor said that I needed to go to A&E and explain to them that I have very low haemoglobin level, normal is around 12.5 and mine was 8.  So needed to be looked at as I might need a blood transfusion.  

Apart from being totally stressed out about this I was now worrying about a possible blood transfusion.  

So you can imagine how I feel... the major thing I am actually stressing over is missing my exercise sessions, silly right!  As my body has no energy the A&E doctor explained it like this...I have enough at this moment to keep my heart and brain working but anything else, dressing, walking, eating I am on a go slow... understatement really I feel like a snail.  Just taking my coat off I use a lot of energy and been told to sit and relax!

As of tomorrow I will be on high doses of iron tablets to re-boost my levels, and more blood to be taken.  Not sure I like blood taken any more... see with having such large arms my veins are small and deep in there, they can never find them.  So I have to have blood taken from the top of my hand, and oooh its painful. :(

So needless to say I did not attend my exercise session, and probably will not be for a little while.  I am devistated about this as I was really enjoying it.  But the main thing is to get me back to normal and well enough to go back to the exercise sessions, I know this!  So this means no weigh day until I can go back... another thing I am gutted about :(

And to top off my awful day, my i phone decided to 'die' on me!  Nooo my phone!  So other half is looking into the insurance and sorting it out to get another one!

I think its been one of those days, you know.... why me!!

I took photos of my meals, on my phone!  And now phone broken cannot access them... damn it!!  So come up with a plan... I will see if I can take them on my i pad and then attach then that way... either way I WILL find a way!  I WILL still eat healthily, come to far, and I am NOT a quitter...this is but a minor hic cup!  I will keep you posted! :)


  1. Boy, oh boy, how I empathize:(
    But as they said on Apollo 13, "Work the problem!"

    1)First, why can they not take blood from your fingertip now, they know they are just checking for iron levels? If that is good enough for the blood transfusion service, it should be good enough for these medics. So check that they are not just locked into the system and taking it from the vein without thinking. No reason to suffer unless you really need to, and certainly not just because they are following some procedure. Stand up for yourself!
    2) Make sure you have some Vit C at the same time as the iron tablets - makes absorption more efficient.
    3) Have they suggested eating liver? Full of iron and all the Bit vits which give you energy, and in the correct proportions. Again make sure to have Vit C at the same time. Get organic liver if you possibly can, if necessary over the net. For a short time you can eat it every day, thereafter perhaps not more than once or twice a week. There are complicated interactions between some kinds of anaemia, low iron levels and B Vits. so good to take at the same time just to be on the safe side. Not all supplements have them in the correct proportions which could be damaging.
    4) Rest to give your body time to regroup; but you can read about nutrition, diet, interesting recipes, and other people with similar problems so that you re-emerge more knowledgeable after this blip.
    5) You can probably do some exercises lying down: not energy demanding ones, but crunching and relaxing muscles all down your body, bit by bit. Keeps everything ticking over nicely.
    6) Remember it is just a blip: soon you will be back on track.

    This is all very disheartening but is what life does to us all: never one thing singly, and never at the right time. Lots of positive waves, but I am sure you do not need them!!

  2. Aw Jacquie, I'm sorry you are having such a hard time...and you must be feeling very tired and worn out too. Try not to worry, it's a setback, but you will get better. Rest and relax a bit, you deserve it.
    And I know the blood taking can be painful, but I'm sorry Sweffling, they really can't do it from a fingerprick. The National Blood Service only do a simple screening test that tells them if the blood is normal or low in haemoglobin (the iron-carrying molecule in blood). To get accurate results it's best to take a bit more than a drop.
    Lots of positive vibes coming from me too Jacquie. ((((HUGS))))

  3. I bow to Barbara's knowledge about the Blood Transfusion test: sorry if I raised your hopes:( Thanks Barbara!


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