Saturday, 14 March 2015

Am I boring?....

WOW!! It's great to be here!!

Thank You all so so much for dropping by to see me.... 

Sometimes I think I must bore you all silly.... Sorry about that.  I just write... Write what I am thinking about, what is on my mind.... Sometimes that is not a lot, other times I go on and on.. So really this is me saying I am sorry if you don't like this.

I have turned over the happy leaf, only happy smiley folk allowed here!! Ha ha letting the happiness shine through as they say.... Hmmm who I'm not sure but someone said it! Ha ha. ... ME!!! 

Onto my stitching....

Ok... Quick re-cap... Ha ha like you all don't know what!!'s a fabulous  Blue Ribbon design called "Five Houses Of Hope" stitched with DMC threads on 18 count Aida that I dyed myself.

My wonderful journey so far....

This is how it all started....

That is where I am now......
Literally just to fill the two little houses either side and another border exactly like the one at the top...  Goodness!!!!  Not a lot left to stitch at all.... Oh my!! I think over this weekend I will get it finished.

It so far has been a really wonderful stitching journey, I am and have loved every minute, every stitch in fact... It truly is a lovely design.

Ooooh yes I wanted to share a little 'problem' I stitched ha ha then naturally had to correct ..... Yes that called for Herbert...ha ha the frog!! 

Look this is what I noticed...

Can you see it??

I was very happily stitching away and then just as I was going to stitch the fourth large window... Eeeeeeeeeeekkkk!!! Yes the windows are out by one square!! Well I could hardly leave it now could I!

Of course I corrected it... 
The house all stitched up...

Ha ha it's a good job I noticed that!! Happiness restored! 

Well how are you all?  Thank you for taking time to pop in and see me, your all very kind.  The leg....if your wondering,... Is staying as the bionic leg with the brace on until I see a physiotherapist.  Or a doctor that says it's ok to do so...

I guess I was feeling well it's been forever...seemed like it, been going on since 9th January and well I wanted, I needed to feel things were improving.  I don't want to feel like my leg is not getting better or improving.  My poor family are running around after me and I feel terrible, I know they love me and want to be there for me... Does not help, I still feel terrible.  So I think for them... I wanted to at least show them I was improving at least a little.  As it turned out I probably made things a little worse.

See I have no idea how long I am likely to be like this.... I cannot tell anyone, it's very frustrating.  And not knowing anything is dragging me down.  So as I don't know anything...I have decided to stop being sad about this.  I need to just take each day as it comes.

Like I say... Only happy smiley folk here now!! No more sadness allowed... I think I have now made sense to myself!!  Hope I have not bored you all too much :(

Ok on that happy note....

I am going now to stitch more!!

Smiles to you all


Lol..... I just remembered after I posted this!! 
This post will go out on Sunday...and in England this Sunday is Mothers Day....
I always wondered about these days,..... Anyone know why we celebrate this?
Thank you :)


  1. if people don't want to read what your up to the will skim thru or not visit...........that is there choice.........we all have ups and downs............staying positive is a good way to be but not possible all the time..........goodluck...............and yes it must be very frustrating being so laid up but wonderful you can take the medication and still stitch............any of that stuff makes me silly and I can't concentrate............

    I am amazed how fast you are getting this cross stitch done...........

  2. Jacquie, you are many things, but boring is not one of them!!! (By the way, all of the things you are happen to be GOOD!!)
    Anyway, it is such a shame that you have had to deal with all of this for so long, and I certainly hope you will be up and running very shortly!!!
    You have really stitched this up so fast! It's looking great and I know you will be so proud of it when it's completed!
    Carry on with your wonderful blog---keep it just like it is!!! <3

  3. You, boring?! Haha. You have such a sparkly personality that I, for one, leave here feeling better about things. It's impossible not to! Five Houses looks great. All I can say is Keep Your Chin Up. It's what family is about, helping one another. Sounds like you have a great one!

  4. Beautiful work, Jacquie. I just love samplers of any kind.

  5. Beautiful work, Jacquie. I just love samplers of any kind.

  6. Boring you?????NO!!!!! If people find your blog boring them they have something wrong with them I think!! I always leave your page with a smile on my face...I just hope you can get your leg fixed and be back in circulation soon! Your sampler is amazing...not long to a finish now!!

  7. Happy Mother's Day Jacquie! Hang in there. Your stitching is fab.

  8. Mothering Sunday was the day that servants and farm workers were given as a day off to go and visit their mother church and therefore their families. That's why the date is tied in with Lent and Easter, it's the fourth Sunday of Lent.
    Over time it has become the day to visit your actual mother rather than your mother church.

  9. Dear Jacquie, sampler looks gorgeous!
    Our Mother's Day in May:-)

  10. Lovely stitching and it is looking marvelous...Happy Mother's Day

  11. Your Five Houses of Hope is looking fabulous. I am hoping to get to it later this year. Happy Mother's Day to you!

    Robin in Virginia

  12. Great stitching, enjoy your new week with lots of stitching .

  13. OH no .. a visit from Herbert again... naughty little froggy! It's growing really well, I see a finish in sight this week for sure.

  14. Hope your spirit is feeling a bit better! You can't rush healing so just relax and let nature take it's course (I know - easier said than done). Your stitching looks great!


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