Saturday, 7 March 2015

Darn medication! .........

Hello wonderful friends who I neglected yesterday :( 
I feel so sad and sorry for doing that....

But I have a reason.... I do!!

After my overnight stay last Saturday to hospital when I injured my knee further, I was prescribed more medication to take.  I am sure any more I take I will start to rattle!!  Yes so, the mixture of all the medication I now have to take is actually making me really drowsy.  And we'll.... Yesterday I fell asleep before I could make my post :(

The positive thing about taking the mixture of the medication.... It's actually reduced my pain levels a the point were I have been trying to walk on my leg... Yipppeeeeee!!! Ha ha no I cannot walk yet, I can put about three quarters of my weight onto my leg before it starts to wobble and hurt.  But this is a start... I still cannot straighten my leg but I am hoping when the physiotherapists do come to my home they will help with that.  So I am hoping I may be able to wander about on crutches soon...that would be good!! It's all so very tiring... So I need to build my stamina up too.

It's all really positive though :)

I have a couple of things to tell you all about.... So I will plod on...

Not sure if I told you all or not? But Han is staying over at my parents for a little while... She does now and then, I think it's really nice she does that.  Well, my parents and Han popped in today, look what Han brought for me.... 

It's brilliant!! I love it!! She said she bought this ballon as a pot plant because if she had actually bought a pot plant I would kill it in no time! Ha ha she is right!! :(
I think it's actually really awesome and wicked too.... It's not Mothers Day yes... Although I thought it was when she brought it in! Ha ha apparently it's next week! Ha ha so Han says I have to keep it alive until then!! Omg I hope it does not pop!! Ha ha 

It had to happen at some point but ..... I got side tracked today :(

I have managed to still stitch a little more on my magnificent Blue Ribbon design "Five Houses of Hope" .....

Close up... See more of the house....

Not an awful lot..... But I can tell you what I got side tracked on is rather nice and cute... I can show you all one side of it, but not the other side of it...

Ha ha ha yes it's just the word smile!! Sorry cannot show you more... Maybe later?

 One last thing I would like to share with you all is something that arrived with our shopping delivery, something jon bought me!!  It's so cute I have to share it...

It's a MaltEaster tour bus!!

Another view....

You can see inside that some of the chocolate bunnies are doing things!  Look one has a camera, taking photo's like a real tourist!! 

It's just silly yet cute! Ha ha we know it's not Easter..... But apparently he needed to buy me it! Lol


So I am going stitch more on my Blue Ribbon design I think :)

Hope your all well....

Smiles to you all :)



  1. Oh my I hope your knee gets better soon.
    Love your stitching, that balloon is so cute.
    Happy Stitching

  2. Love that balloon, we had a similar one when my son was born which we kept alive for an entire year!
    Great progress on your sampler too.

  3. Sweet of Han to bring you the balloon! Glad to hear you got up for a bit to walk some. Yes you will need to build your strength but sounds like your already doing it. Lovely progress with your stitching.
    Still praying for you to get better. Hugs Annette
    oh I think that bus is darling:)

  4. Fabulous balloon, what a nice treat for you from Han.

  5. Your family is so very good to you! Hang in there. Glad you are trying so hard to use that darn leg.

  6. Yummy I want that chocolate hand it over!


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