Friday, 13 March 2015

What went wrong?.......

Or rather what did I do wrong????

Oh my!! Thank you so much for popping in on me.... I did not post last night as my darn medication sent me off to sleep earlier than expected!! Well to be honest it's been making me feel drowsy every time I have taken it..

How are you all?  Bet your wondering what it is that has gone wrong? No nothing to do with my medication and the loss of time when it sends me to sleep!! Oh no!! Goodness... I feel so angry with myself, I feel I have let myself down....I feel quite tearful about it all...

Yes, you guessed leg....

It was as we all thought on the mend, I thought wow... Yes I have a little movement in it, and I was feeling good...excited at the coming days.  But let me tell you all last night, the whole night...I was in such terrible pain.  Not what I call deep knee pain...this is good!! It was the side of my knee, and the stinging burning when anything touches my knee too.  I know what it is,... It's when I hurt the muscle when I got took to hospital and stayed over night.  It's the same feeling so it has to be that...maybe I moved my knee awkwardly or just pushed it too far?? I am devistated but I have been persuaded by jon to put my 'bionic' leg back on...

Not that I wanted to .... But it's back on my leg now.  To be honest it is feeling slightly better.  So I may have to wait until the community physio comes before I take off the brace.  Sensible you think??

I cannot help how I am feeling right now... Sad, well beyond sad... I am trying to pick myself up and stay positive and happy...I have to admit today it's hard.  I will be ok I am sure...

Onto something that does make me smile, and does make me happy...the progress on my Blue Ribbon design called "Five Houses Of Hope" ..... I am loving this right now, I have literally buried my head in this and 'ignored' my leg today...well tried to!! 

My stitching progress..

Close up....

I am really excited as I can see the's not far.... But that will be filled with sadness as I have enjoyed this so so much.

On with the stitching!!

Ha ha my mum and dad have just dropped by to say hello...stayed for a coffee and tea and mum made me these,... To make me smile!!

I love prawn vol-e-vonts (not sure that's how it's spelt??) .... Yummy!!! Thank you mum :)

Now to get on with the stitching!!

Smiles to you all and happy stitching or creating to you all....



  1. Oh my that stitching is almost done, I look forward to seeing your next project, I think you said it was an Easter stitch in one of your previous post.
    That food looks yummy.


  2. Oh Jacquie, I am sorry for the set back. Do not over do it. I am so glad your family takes very good care of you.

  3. I'm so sorry that you're hurting. Sometimes getting better means two steps forward and one step back. I know it's a bummer, but you're on the right track! Your stitching is wonderful! Please take care.

  4. Beautiful progress! I love the way the colors look - and the material color is so warm... Great job on dying it!
    I do hope you get better soon. Take care of yourself.

  5. Oh no! Goodness me! That knee!!! Well rest up and get lots of stitching in while you can. Big hugs. The vol o vents lok lovely as does your BR sampler. x

  6. I'm going to nag you now! Keep that leg brace on until someone medical tells you to take it off!!
    Wonderful progress on your stitching.
    And the prawns are vol-au-vents. It's French for little puffy loveliness. Only one of those facts is true!

  7. Hi Jacquie, I hope you'll feel better soon! Your vol-au-vent look great. We called them also "bouchées à la reine" Your stitching is beautiful. Hugs xxx

  8. Sorry you are having trouble with the knee still. Love the sampler progress

  9. Jacquie take good care of yourself girl!

    Your WIP is looking awesome!


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