Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I am still here........

Oh my hello good happy friends :)

I am over the moon that I can give you all happy good news!  As you all know the physio visited yesterday and it's always the day after that show the pain....I was worried.

I woke this morning fine!! Hmmm well ok I had a little pain, and twinges, so I tried not to move me knee, I did not want to aggravate it.  It's been manageable all day, I have coped ok...  So like I say I am over the moon with today. 

What have I been up to today?? Ha ha hmmm let me see, I woke ran around the block, ate breakfast then went shopping, spent over 3 hours pushing the trolls around, got home, unpacked the shopping. Then went for a swim before coming home to prepare evening meal....sat down watched TV.

Ha ha ha ha haHA HA HA HA HA HA ha ha ha ha

OMG!! What am I like!! It's probably a day I would love to do, hmmm but cannot due to being stuck in my bed 24/7!! Ho hum!!  I cannot even get into our living room let alone out of my bedroom! Ha ha I have to have a sense of humour...good job!! 

So I hope your all well and keeping busy...

I have done some stitching, of course I have!! Well not much else to do!!  So I stitch, breakfast, take tablets, stitch nod off here and there, stitch, take tablets, dinner and stitch....ha ha pretty much my day! 

Here is what I have been doing....

Stitching away!! I can see the bottom and just reached the top!! I was just looking at all those flowers I have to stitch!! OMG!! I had better get stitching!

Ooooh wanted to show you I tidied up my bed space when stitching, you know the threads were all over! Now!! Ha ha they are all neatly stacked up in a little container that the Pink Lady apples were in!  Recycle!! Not bad!!

Hmmmm what else....

Not really much else happening here right now!

Oooooh Han is going out tomorrow!!  Oh no where special, the Red Cross lady is taking her to the shops!! Yes we have been having the Red Cross lady pop in and visit us every now and then....sometimes a quick visit and sometimes for a long chat too.  I spoke with her last time she came, she sat on my bed and we chatted....I was quite emotional, she said it's good to talk about things I did!! It's being stuck in bed 24/7 I get terribly frustrated and cross with myself!! So it was good to talk to someone.  I like it when she visits. 

Ok.... Not much else to say....happy stitching to you all :)

Smiles :)


  1. Glad to hear that your visit went well Jacquie. Awesome progress.


  2. So good to hear the physio visit went well....fingers crossed things will improve from now on for you! Great to hear the Red Cross lady has been to visit, so good for you to have a talk to someone other than a family person! You are making fantastic progress with your latest stitching.

  3. oh that is a gorgeous cross stitch...............hope the red cross lady visits again soon..............

  4. I've not been by your blog since you were in hospital. So sorry to hear that you're stuck in bed but glad your latest physio has gone well.

    I LOVE the piece you are stitching on. It is beautiful!

  5. Sweet stitching...
    Looking so lovely
    Big hugs xx

  6. Nice progress on your stitching.

  7. Superb progress on your project. I truly love everything about it: the fabric choice, the colours & the design!! Fantastic :)

  8. So glad the physio helped!!! Jacquie please tell me the pink numbers of DMC you used on the house. I love them. I would live there! tee hee!
    Oh Jacquie, how I wish I lived by you. I would come visit and talk. I would. :)

  9. Beautiful stitching, as always! Impressive progress on your project. And - so happy to hear that your physio was better than last time, and that it's actually helping. You'll get better, and then you'll be able to catch up on all these things you said (shopping, swimming etc) :)

  10. I love your current project. It's looking fabulous. Sounds like recovery is slow going but going well. One day at a time. :)


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