Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Over the moon.....

Hello my wonderful happy friends :)

It's really nice of you to pop in and visit me today... 

Thank You...... Yipppppeeeee for popping in!! Hmmmmm am I feeling a little loopy today? Are you wondering that too?? Ha ha

Hello if it's your first visit, and welcome.... I hope you like my blog :). Feel free to surf back on older posts to see what I have been up to :)

I guess your all wondering what I am over the moon about?? Curious?? Ha ha I would be...ahh but I know! Ha ha 

As per usual I am happy, happy and very proud of myself too :)

Would you all like to know why?

Yesterday I showed you the marvellous "Five Houses Of Hope" design I am stitching from Blue Ribbon.... And said I would complete the top border as it was too hard to imagine what it looked like!  So this was yesterday's picture...

It was really hard and bad of me, don't worry I told my dosed off.  It was a lot to ask, for you to imagine the whole top border so here is what I did...

The red line was stitched all the way across first.  Then I stitched all the green leaves, I thought that was a good place to start....

Then I added the cute acorns, they are lovely...

Here is a close up of the acorns...

Then I stitched the adorable pumpkins...

A close up of the pumpkins....
Hmmmm.... Not sure if you have noticed but I have not filled in the pumpkins yet.  I thought I would wait, I was too excited about starting the bottom half!

Here is where I am now... There is another line of words so that is what I was doing before going lower.

A little closer... 

It shows my fabric!! I love that I made this colour all myself too!!   In fact I am very very proud of myself for getting this far.  I absolutely love the design and stitching it is a joy...

Just noticed that Blue has snook (is that a word?) in every photo I took!! Hmmm do you think Blue is trying to tell me something?  Or just likes being in the photo's? Ha ha ha

It was really interesting reading your comments on my last post... How most of you make copies of the original as you won't write on it like me!! And you all seems to have some kind of filing system too... Thank you for commenting it was really interesting :)

So what are you stitching for Easter???.... Do we know when that is yet?? Ha ha no!!!

I stitched something cute last year and well had not even thought about this year... Until something dropped through my letter box!  I am flabbergasted at the generosity of stitchy friends.  Lately as you all know I have been plodding on... Still bed bound and trying to be and stay happy ... It's hard.  So well.... I received a packet in the post... It solved my Easter problem as inside was the most amazing gift .... An Easter stitch!! 

I was firstly blown away that someone would send me a gift to start with!  Then doubly blown away when I saw the Easter stitch!  Then tripply (is that a word) blown away as everything is there to complete the Easter stitch...all I have to do is stitch it!! wow!! Wow!! And wow!!  

Would you all like to see what I will be stitching for Easter, thanks to this kind hearted friend ....

I have not stitched that many Lizzie Kate designs so I am over the moon that I get to do one for Easter.  Not sure if you can see but it's a limited edition kit....WOW!!! how special do I feel!  So inside it has the chart, the lovely coloured fabric and the most cutest little spotty Easter egg button I have ever seen.  It's brilliant!!  Not only that ...... All the threads for this project were gifted to me too.... The special threads by, Gentle Art and Crescent Colours....I am so very very excited as I have not used the Gentle Art threads before.  And the design is called "Peep"!!! How cute!! 

I am so happy and excited that this happy person sent me this wonderful design to stitch....Thank You xx

Do you know it's thanks to all you wonderful people, that I still have my sanity!! And that I am still stitching through this difficult time...or hiccup as I now call it!!

Your all AMAZING and thank you for being my friend....

Oooh before I forget....have you looked at my post dated 5 th March??? It's the post about PIF.......Pay It Forward....  Take a look...please :)

Ok... I am going now as I have some words to stitch!!  Oh and I am not going to start that wonderful Easter stitch until I have finished my marvellous "Five Houses Of Hope" design by Blue Ribbon.... So hmmmm no pressure.... I have to finish it before Easter so that I can stitch the new Easter design for Easter!! Eeeekkkkkkk when is Easter????? 

Off to stitch!!!

Love to you all

Smiles :)


  1. I LOVE that border . . .
    J x

  2. Nice gift from your friend, I love Easter.
    Nice job on your sampler almost done lucky girl.


  3. A very lovely Easter gift. Good Friday is April 3rd and of course Easter Sunday being April 5th... it gives you a little time yet so no rush on the Blue Ribbon Design.....lol

  4. What a fabulous gift! I am glad Julie gave you the Easter date. ;) Keep on!!

  5. Great gift that's so thoughtful! It'll be fun going from an autumn design to an Easter one. I love the colors of the thread it'll be fun to watch you stitch!

  6. Great progress on your sampler, those acorns are so cute!
    And now you have something to post for my Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop too. What a great gift.


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