Monday, 9 March 2015

Getting back to stitching....

Hello wonderful happy smiley friends.... If your here, thank you for popping in :). 

I have been stitching...ha ha trying to stitch that is!! See the medication actually sent me to sleep for a few hours today!  I was gutted when I woke up as it was lost stitching time :(

I have something to share with you all...

I stitched one part of the design and thought, hmmm ok it's fine and went onto the next part... Looked at it when I woke up and OMG!! it was a whole square out :(

Look, see....

This is what I am talking about.... 
Look right about the little K, it's the little half tree I am talking about.  You can see I stitched it 2 squares above the K...

The chart shows this....yes I am stupid!!!

It clearly shows one square above the K....

So I did some frogging, that is right the frog snuck (is that a word?) ha ha in..... And I stitched it again..

So now it's one square above the K where it should be!!
I am thrilled :)

Do you want to see the rest of the design, what I have been stitching?  Remember it's the marvellous Blue Ribbon design called "Five Houses Of Hope" just incase you did not know or forgot!!! Hee hee

Little by little it will get done.... Ha ha in between me falling asleep!   I am still really enjoying this design... Soon I would of completed half of it, that is shocking!! Then onto the bottom half I think...

Saw this on Facebook and thought it applied to a lot of my busy friends out there.... I blog hop and see your all so very busy.  I hope your all remembering to take time out for yourselves? 

That is it really.... 
Thank you all for your amazingly lovely kind comments, you are such lovely happy people :)
Tomorrow is a new day as they say!!
Oooh for me being in bed...I have got used to day time tv... Oh let me tell you firstly that it's awful!! But I some how have got addicted to Judge Judy!! Oh my she is great!! And says exactly what she thinks too! So being Monday...Judge Judy it is!! Ha ha 

Happy stitching and or creating to you all....

Smiles for your week ahead :)



  1. Sorry about the tacky little frog, but your stitching is lovely! You are moving right along!
    I have to laugh at Judge Judy.....what a show!!! I don't watch it, but my mother does! She says watching it helps her learn about our laws.....oh my!! HA HA HA

  2. Oh my Jacquie: Your needle must be smoking, look at all the stitching you are getting done wow.
    I hope you are healing super fast.
    I am addicted to Judge Judy, she is a hoot, we need more Judges like her in this world the kind that donot take any crap from anyone.
    I am surprised that you get her over the big pond. We only get a few British programs here in my little corner of the world, I like the program Keeping Up Appearances and Mrs. Brown and the Boys, I think Mrs. Brown is an Ireland program.

    Hugs to you

  3. Good to hear you are stitching away even if sleep did interrupt your stitching!! Well done for fixing your woops! We get Judge Judy here too, sometimes I get to watch her....Tuesday nights are good here, we get Lewis and Pie in the Sky on one channel, I love them!!

  4. What patience you have Jacquie. I think your 'error' looked better than the pattern as it put the last row of stitching all on the same line.

  5. Lovely stitching Jacquie , have a happy day hugs .

  6. Hope the frog has hopped off ... he was here this week too .... lol

  7. I always hate it when the frog comes to visit!!!! Hmm I might of been tempted to leave that especially if it doesn't effect the rest of the design!

  8. Dear Jacquie, unweave a test of patience!


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