Saturday, 21 March 2015


Hello my happy smiley friends... You are all so very lovely sending me happy vibes and smiles to pick me up.  Yes I am having a rather tough time right now, every day is a struggle... But I am hanging in there!  To be honest this blog and my stitching is keeping me going and occupied.  But hey! Life goes on....I will be taking one day at a time... :)

So be your wondering what the "meow" is all about?? Ha ha I have not got a cat or kitten!  Ha ha good answer if you thought that!  No it's my new stitching project!  I say project...but I am experimenting at the moment! So want to see what I am doing??

It's from a UK stitching magazine called "Cross Stitcher" issue 289, March 2015.

And the first car I have stitched! Meow!! It's simply adorable, I love it!!  Thought I would use the guidelines and add my own colours....we shall see how it turns out!

And Han has been at me to stitch her these adorable cats for some time now....well since I got the magazine!! Ha ha

Trying to think ahead to see what I can make.... Ha ha remembering that at the moment I cannot access my sewing machine!  Interesting!!!

I have done more stitching too.....

Finished my adorable cute Easter Lizzie Kate design called "Peeps" ..... Loved it!! Seriously did!!

My stitching journey....

There you have it!!  I cannot express on paper lol or typing! How much I enjoyed stitching this.... It was a smile a stitch!  A really happy design to stitch....I think it was those bright colours?  You know who you are who gifted me this design and threads.... Thank You :) xx

Do you know before I started the wonderful "meow" design...ha ha as I shall call it! Yes before I started that I was in a right mess, I was looking and looking and really had no idea what to stitch.... I had an idea then, no not what I thought....then something else and no....are you like that when looking for something to stitch?  I generally stitch what makes me happy... What makes me smile....and what I enjoy...

I must make a quick mention to the lovely Frances, as she very kindly sent me a Valentine's card and a St Patrick's day card... I loved the cards....Thank You :) 

I feel terrible as I cannot post anything right now.... I have so much mail to go out right now.  We do not have a post office near us and realistically there is no one to go to the post office.  I would not want to trouble my dad...he is only the other one in the family that drives.  But he is on the urgent call waiting list to go for heart things.... Hmmm that does sound odd but I don't know all the inns and outs as my mum thinks I have enough on my plate right now.  I know that he will be going for urgent tests as his heart is not working properly.  They tried to do it once before but his blood pressure was through the roof... So you see I don't want to burden him with posting my things.  I don't think he could cope with all the destinations! Ha ha

And well we have no family friends, so you see... I feel terrible for not sending a thank you back... It's just not me at all and I feel terrible.  So once I am up and moving, hmmm when ever that may be! I will be posting lots of things, believe me!!

Ok I think I have waffled on think??

Happy stitching and creating to you all...

Smiles :)



  1. Hi Sweety: I hope all is good for you and your family, it is the first day of spring and very nice out 50s I love your Easter stitch it is so cute.
    The cats stitch is a hoot, I love it, they would make cute scissor fobs for your scissors.


  2. I love your Easter stitch! That cute little chick is so funny!!! And the colors are nice!
    The cat stitch is going to be precious! Too cute!
    I'm so glad you enjoyed the little cards--you're thought of often, and I hope you'll be all better soon!

  3. Your Peep stitch is so pretty! Great stitching.
    Those cats could be appliquéd by hand onto many things - t shirts, project bags, anything! I'm sure Han will have some ideas of what she wants them for!
    Hope you improve soon, your situation sounds difficult xx

  4. Your stitching is so good!!! Love the Easter Peep!! And the cats are wonderful! Don't worry about the post office you will get there when you can, people understand!

  5. Such sweet stitching love the easter one and your cat one is going to be lovely.

  6. Lovely stitching my dear and I love your sweet cat xx

  7. Beautiful Easter finish and such a sweet kitty, that's a fun design.

  8. Sweet stitching today! I wonder how many kitties you will be making?!

  9. I love the cats and the Easter stitching! So pretty! And I agree - we should stitch what we like. I hope that your dad is ok and that he gets what he needs medically. As always, I'm thinking of you and hoping that you're on the road to recovery.

  10. Your little kitty is so cute, he looks ready for an aerobics session with his headband! I think you should make lots of little fobs out of these and surprise Han by attaching them to different things every day.


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