Saturday, 28 March 2015

Ho hum, so darn naughty!!

Exactly!! Ho hum, indeed!! Ha ha 

Yes I am so darn naughty, seriously bad!! I did not post yesterday....omg!! Do you know over the past few days, only a few days... I have been ever so tired.  We are talking really tired where all I want to do is sleep. I am thinking its a phase whilst in my bed??  I hope so!! It's not like I have my quilt on me during the day!  I role it to the side and do without.

Oh naught of me again.... Well hello there!! Eeeek hello!! I s so nice and lovely of you happy wonderful sane (or is that debatable) to visit me once again. A lot of you are leaving comments, I thank you for this as its your happy comments keeping me sane! Ha ha. 

My last post I showed you all a photo of my mums knitting.... Oh I love how she knits, she has promised to drop by with her knitting again soon so I can post an update! I cannot knit like that, I have tried over the years...I even started a little knitting project with magazines where you knitted a different pattern with each issue... I have all the squares somewhere in the shed!  Hmmm well all I can knit competently is a scarf! Ha ha  I just have no patience when it goes wrong, as its lines you have to pull out!! 

Yes I prefer stitching...oh it's true when the frog pays a visit I have ripped about a line and more out...but it's different!  Sometimes I do wonder where I get the patience from to actually stitch!  Does anyone else wonder this!?  My life is totall caos usually and with my SpLD's I seriously have no patience in anything else I do!  Ha ha jon and Han will vouch for that! Lol

I actually taught myself how to stitch, and I think because I never give in this is why I get so much enjoyment out of it.  It did take me 3 months to learn to stitch before it resembled anything like an actual stitched article!  It's something I did for me, so maybe this is why I have such patience?

I have been stitching a lot lately, ha ha well it's pretty much all I can do stuck in my bed.  Oh but don't get me wrong I love stitching.  It's a very calming hobby to have, again not like me at all!! I am a totally spontaneous person...being stuck in this bed has 'grounded' me like a pilot!  It's true I am stitching between medications, and I am nodding off during the day so maybe this is where the tiredness is coming from?  See I do fight eyes become heavy and slowly close....but I jerk and am awake then!  So trying to say awake....beside the longer I am awake the more stitching time I have!!

Talking of are a few photos, up dated photos of my current stitch, the Abby Rose design...

Did I leave you here?

Or was it here?

Yes I think it was there as I was debating over the colour of the box and line.....think it's worked out ok...and judging from all your comments I think I made the right choice....thank you!

Ok...on wards... I stitched more....

And where I am now....

Yes it's true I am rubbish at taking photos....

Maybe that was a better one?  I was thrilled to bits that the lines met and joined!! It's always a heart stopper that one!!  So now all I have to do is fill the flowers in..... Then it's completed! Eeeeeekkkk that sounds utter crazy!!  I will stitch today and hope to finish it, if not it will be tomorrow.

I have something rather very special to start tomorrow..oh my it's so darn cute!  Cannot wait to show you all... Tomorrow!!

Hope your all well??

Stitching lots??

I am still wearing my patch, I have it on a different way today, .....well one gets bored! Ha ha a

Yes thought I would try it long ways's totally left up to me how it goes on.  As long as it hits the knee area, it's fine how it goes on!  This could be fun I think!! No doubt tomorrow I will come up with another shape on my knee! Hee hee

It's almost 11.30 am here now so I must go....see I have a carer come in to visit me.  She provides all my personal care needs as I cannot get into the bathroom.  Oh she brings a bowl, flannel and my electric tooth know that kind of thing.  Really useful as jon cannot help me with the bowl and him just hobbling backwards and forwards would wear him out for the day!  So I am grateful for the carers help.

Smiles to you all.....until tomorrow keep smiling



  1. Your sampler is so pretty. I have to say you're doing a good job of taking pictures while being horizontal! I'm a self-taught stitcher too. And stitching is all I have time to do besides being in love with it! Looking forward to seeing the sampler finished.

  2. Wonderful progress on the stitching piece. Stay positive and soon you will be up and around.

  3. It looks lovely Jacquie. Keep smiling!

  4. Your sampler is so pretty! I love the lettering and the gorgeous deep colours of the flowers. Stitching and sleeping sounds like bliss but I'm sure it's not when you're stuck in bed!

  5. Your stitching is looking great.
    Your body is telling you need your sleep.

  6. Wow you are stitching up a storm on this and it is simply beautiful.

    I prefer stitching too but I knit at the craft group I go to. The lighting isn't so good for stitching since we moved venues. Having said that I still have a pretty good wool stash but nowhere near as much as the ladies at the group!

  7. Jacquie, you're like an express train! Have you in the end!
    I understand you have it hard, just sit in bed: - (((((
    I like that you are cheerful and optimistic. It also helps to treat.

  8. this is my favrourite one you have been working.........I love it..........

  9. Looks wonderful and I love that saying!

  10. Love what you are working on....I am waiting to see some stitching on your knee patch!! Lol!!

  11. It must be already tomorrow in your part of the world. I hardly can't wait to see what your new start will be. The Abby Rose design is beautiful and I'm sure it's all done while I'm typing this message. Hugs

  12. I love your sampler, it looks amazing! If you ever get stuck for patterns, you could always send someone to the library to check out some sampler chart books.
    I'm laughing at your experiments with the patch. Try a diamond shape next! Or maybe colour it in with some pens?

  13. Super sampler stitching.
    Mums knitting is wonderful, i'm enjoying knitting too this year, a bit of knitting and a bit of stitching....variety is the spice of life!
    Hope the patches are helping with the pain.
    {{hugs}} x

  14. Lovely progress on your sampler ;)


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