Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Hooked, oh yes I am!!........

Hello my lovely friends, your all wonderful and make me so so happy... Do you want to know why?  Well, by you dropping in when you hop hop hop around people's blogs, and I simply love the messages you leave...Thank You xx

So I guess your wondering about my title today?  Hooked.... Wondering what on?? Ha ha no, no, no....nothing to do with all the medication I am taking!! Ha ha that is funny! I think I am hooked on samplers.... Oh my!! I am loving doing the Blue Ribbon "Five Houses Of Hope" at the moment.  It got me thinking...oh yes I do a lot of thinking from my bed!!

Got me thinking that I would like to stitch a traditional one, one to keep within the family.... Oh the ones I stitch and have stitched will remain within the family.  But I wanted a more traditional sampler.  Hmmm do you know or understand what I mean?  I really don't mind how long it takes me... I think it would be one I would work a little on over years?? Then one year down the line it would be finished and treasured within my family...forever.  Know what I mean??

Jon, yes the wonderful jon has been searching around the net for a design I may like or be interested in... I have found borders and trees I like but that is about it so far!  If you know of a place that has really lovely traditional sampler charts, don't hold back!! Let me know and I will take a look :). I think for my birthday (not till June) but it's good to think and plan ahead!! Any places you have seen or looked...or even where you may of bought one from!? Thank you for any assistance locating lovely designs :)

So onto my stitching.....

I am faithfully only stitching my wonderful Blue Ribbon Design, "Five Houses Of Hope" .... By that I mean I am only stitching this at the moment, no others at all.  That's right... I have not been distracted at all..... I am loving it too much to put it down!!

Onto my up date...this is where I am now......

Sorry it's a little wonky... I took it out of my q-snap and it was just resting on my knees.  I am pleased with my progress, the wording all done for this bit.  It's almost half done!! Wow!! That is awesome!.

Oooh a little teaser for you all.... I have a cute needle is adorable and I love it.  It is on this stitching but I took it off when I took the fabric off the q-snap frame.

The teaser is.... What is my needle minder and what do I call it? Just for fun!!  lol just checking your all still awake out there and that my blog is not sending you all to sleep!!!

Have you all been busy?? Stitching, sewing, making, knitting.... Well all things creative.... ??? I love to make things... Do you??! Or do you just do/make one thing?? I am full of curiosity today! Ha ha

I must show and share with you all a few wonderful things I found/noticed in my new subscription copy of Cross Stitch Collection, April 2015 issue 247.  This one....

Whilst flicking through the pages, yes I seem to do that a lot before actually reading the magazines!  Well I came across this first...

It is the wonderful Belinda from Blue Ribbon Designs...a very nice photo indeed!!

And then a little written bit too...oooh there is her blog!!

What a lovely surprise to find in my magazine.  Congratulations to Belinda for getting into a UK magazine :). 

Ok I have probably bored you all silly by now... So I am going to read my new magazine then it's back to my stitching!! :)

Take care everyone, it is lovely to see you all, when you do pop in :)

Smiles :)



  1. Your sampler is coming along great. I love the fall leaves on the trees and the fabric is perfect for this. I haven't done many samplers but I hope you find the perfect one.

  2. Yes, I enjoy reading the cross stitch magazines before stitching up patterns within.
    Cannot help you with the samplers. Maybe Brenda Keyes designs?

  3. There are so many samplers about, and they all very so much. I will be interested to see what you finally decide on.

  4. Five Houses of Hope is wonderful! I enjoy blue ribbon designs as well.

  5. Brenda Keyes has some lovely books as Vickie suggested. Also the Historical Sampler Company do some great pieces. Both people tend to use whole stitches only so they are not too complex for a person on meds LOL.
    Of course The Scarlet Letter does some amazing reproduction samplers too. If you look in the Gallery linked on my blog they are graded by difficulty.


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