Monday, 23 March 2015

Dreading tomorrow.........

Hello my friends... Lovely to be here again!  Ha ha I say that, I am really happy to be here after all that time spent in hospital!  So I am really happy to be here!!!  

I hope your all well?  Busy stitching or making something?  I have been blog hopping and hopped around a few of your blogs.... It's a great thing to do.  I love seeing what your all stitching... Such wonderful designs out there.

Talking of designs....

Well .... I have been thinking, hmmmm thinking!  See I want a BIG design to get my teeth I can say 'yes..I did stitch that' !!  Ha ha. And after looking on the Heaven and Earth site (HAED) for what seemed hours and actually was hours! Yes I got carried away and wanted to look at a lot of them...ha ha I did look at over 5000 designs!! Crazy right?!  Do you want to see what I have been looking know what takes my fancy?.....

This one as I loved the colours....hmmm I did not think at the time to take the names of them...but they are all HAED designs.

Yes it's fish!! How crazy is this!! Love the colours :)

Then I looked at a, what I call sensible design... Well a few actually... They are wonderful houses...

How brilliant are all of those!! 
Hmmm then I was looking at colours... 
This is full of colour and a wonderful design too...

I also saw some designs I have seen whilst blog hopping... These are brilliant too... So full of detail...crazy but brilliant!!

These two I simply LOVE....

If I had to choose a design it would be the only one I remembered the name of!! Ha ha do you think that means something? Hmmm who believes in fate??  Well it would be this last one... It's called "The Strawberry Thief" and it's brilliant.

I mean I looked at the designs for ages,...ha ha as you can tell!! But seriously...this is a project and a half...look at what you would need..for any of these designs.... A bank loan!! Ha ha seriously!  I mean, many threads!! Seriously!! Oh I know they are fantastic designs and in such detail, but wow!! And not to mention the size of choice I seem to enjoy stitching on is pretty much anything, however I have not tried 40 count yet! I am quaking just thinking about the size and cost of the fabric...well all of it really!!  It's good to keep your brain active and look at nice things!  

Hats off to all you HAED stitchers, your all awesome!! 

Ok... Wondering what else I have been doing?? Well looking on the HAED web page took a lot of my time up!! Ha ha. But I have managed to do some stitching...

On my current's a Abby Rose design called "Home Is Where You Hang Your Needlework"... Stitched on 32 count Belfast Linen in a rose colour...using DMC threads.

And whilst I stitch tonight in my bed, ha ha with my quilt on me as its a bit chilly.  Here is my mess tonight...

That's me tonight!! Ha ha threads all over the bed, I know where they are!!

Oooh and let me show you all what I had to eat today, one of my favourites... Macaroni cheese with salad, I love it. Mmmmmmm,

Well I am out of things to tell you all!! That was my day..

Oh but I bet your wondering about tomorrow?? Well I have been trying to ignore it, but it's no use as I know it's going to happen.  It's a visit from the torturer!! Yes the physiotherapist!! Omg!! There is no way on this earth that I am doing as much as I did last week.  I have suffered, could not move for 3 days afterwards and pain, oh my!! The doctor trebled all my medications.  Even now when I get out of my bed, to sit on the edge, my knee really hurts.  Oh well!!  Let's hope she listens to me?  I will let you all know tomorrow.

Ho hum!! So hope your all stitching and keeping busy...

Smiles to you all...



  1. Prayers that you will not suffer tomorrow or any day!!! Lovely designs you shared with us HAED! I can;t even think of all the threads used for them - LOL! But they are gorgeous. Love your progress on your current wip! love Annette

  2. Good luck tomorrow! I love the first house and the bookshelf. Those are on my personal wish list... Along with about 90 others lol

  3. Lots of lovely goodies to look at...some beautiful designs, I quite like the one with the hares but they are all lovely. Your current project looks great too. Good luck with the physio...if she doesn't listen to you then she is not a good physio me thinks!! Sending positive thoughts!

  4. Good luck for Tomm my dear..
    Sending you big hugs xx

  5. Good luck for tomorrow , Love all of those designs which one I wonder will you stitch.

  6. I am praying for you Jacquie.
    I love the Strawberry Thief. Love William Morris.

  7. Good luck - I hope it's not as painful as before. P.S. Can hardly wait to see your stitching!!!

  8. I love the Strawberry Thief! Gorgeous!
    And I like those rabbits, too!

  9. I hope the torturer wasn't so bad... The strawberry thief is absolutely gorgeous, I have added this chart to my wish list. It's not that bad, it's only 119700 stitches so that's 1197 blocks of 100. It usually takes me 45 min to an hour to stitch a block, all depends how much confetti is there. I like to stitch my HAEDs on the 22ct hardanger with 2 threads of floss.
    Get well soon ♥

  10. A HEAD is a huge stitching commitment! Though my BAP is not a HEAD its still 12 pages of pattern that's solid stitching! I don't think of the cost so much, because if you stitch it over one on 25ct you really don't spend a fortune on floss and it keeps the fabric size a little more manageable! Now if you want to look at expensive kits go to European Cross Stitch website and look at the kits for the Chatelaine/Martina Webber designs! Wow! But then they're primarily silk with Delica beads and Swarovski Crystals!

  11. Dear Jacquie, beautiful images!
    Your progress in the embroidery is great!
    I keep my fingers with a physiotherapist !!!!

  12. Good luck tomorrow Jacquie.


  13. Hope your appt went well.
    Those HAED designs are gorgeous.... While I love the designs (and I even have some) the HAED projects are just way too daunting for me to tackle.... :)
    Hugs xx

  14. I'm a bit behind with my blog reading and nearly choked on my lunch! I thought you had actually started a HAED! They have so many lovely designs. I really like the one of the houses on the hillside, it's so bright and cheerful.


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