Sunday, 22 March 2015

Spring is here....apparently!

Hello wonderful smiley friends... Lovely of you to pop in and see me :)

Yes!! Apparently I missed the first day of spring!! So in honor of that I stitched a little Lucie Heaton lamb.....baa baa

Hmmmmm well it kind of would of looked nice, if I'd of had a lighter grey!! Ho hum....I made do and stitched the dear lamb anyway!  You can see from the one in the magazine ( UK Cross Stitcher, March 2015 issue 289)...  It's a lot lighter, and actually looks nice, pretty, cute too...mine looks erm...the opposite!! I added grass! 

So HELLO SPRING!! Ha ha not that you would notice here in Sussex England....ha ha I will share something with you that is rather silly, and makes me giggle every morning.

My mum phones me to give me a weather update, as she is usually pottering around in the garden doing something or other early in the morning.  So she phones me to tell me about the weather... The coversation goes something like this....just been in the garden and it's cold, not raining but really chilly, and the wind is I tell you what don't go out today!  Stay fact why don't you take it easy and have a rest day and stay in bed!  I tell you my mum is crazy! But every morning I always giggle!  Oh she alters it every morning so I never know what to expect!! 

Well I seem to be in a bit of limbo regarding stitching..... I am just in a bit of a pickle I think.  Too many lovely designs going around my head.  Aaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhh some one please help!!!  I need some kind of order.... A decision I guess!  It is difficult as I cannot access my stitching things, they are in the living room on shelves by my stitching chair... Jon cannot reach over and I cannot get out of this bed!  Bless jon he has managed to find a few things :). 

So here is the cute cats I started to stitch and bored with!

I decided to do some random patterns.... And colours!   And well got bored :(. So I have no idea what to do now? Another aaaarrrrggggghhh I think!!

I feel I need to do something.... Something.... I need to find something to do...

Suggestions please!!

Going to do some thinking!


Oh and happy weekend! Ha ha I had no idea it was Saturday! 

Smiles :)



  1. If you have the fabric order yourself a new big project like an HAED or a Tilton. It will occupy your time for a long time. Conversely I don't know what kind of books you like but the 100 kingdoms series by Mercedes Lackey is awesome.

    1. Yes I have seen the Haed designs....Justine is stitching a wonderful one, it's a bookcase...I love the design... But oh my!! It's massive!! And wow! I think I have a Haed! Ache thinking of all the thread needed! Hmmmm and I don't think I am brave enough either!!
      As for I am not a book reader :( I do manage to read magazines though ;)

  2. Those cats are lovely and would make a gorgeous card for a cat lover!
    Take care!
    J x

  3. Can Hannah bring to you some of your cross stitch stash on the shelves? or ask Jon to get a rope & gear to climb and reach for your stash on the shelves? LOL!!! Whatever it takes!!!! And what a great way for Hannah to learn about kitting up stitching projects:)
    oooh how about charts that are PDF's and you can print them off the computer??? Would that work? Sounds like you need a few larger charts to stitch. Lovely little lamb! love Annette

  4. How about ordering something new? If you ordered chart, fabric and floss all you would have to do is wait for the postie!

  5. Just have been brain storming for you! Have a look at this blog.....
    She has tons of free charts. You could spend lots of time just looking and maybe you will see something you would like to stitch! On her sidebar there are shortcut links.
    love Annette

  6. Your cats and lamb are too cute. When I read your post I thought to advise you "gazette" and as you can't get your stash to order new things. Then I read the comments, so funny to found Justine & Annette (feeling on the same wavelength, don't know if I can translate like that). About "my" journey, I just post result for the first step you were too close : Argentan/Alençon. Hope I'll see on next wednesday. Hugs.

  7. love the stitching

  8. I think your lamb looks just fine. Love the kitties.


  9. Hi Jacquie!
    Cute owls and lamb!
    I have charts of Pinterest, download to iPad and embroider:-)))

  10. Cute lamb
    Love the stitching so much xx


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