Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Well well well........

Hello wonderful happy friends :)

I thank you firstly for all your wonderful comments and concern for me and my knee, I was really touched.  So I should tell you all how it went then!!

Well it was my 2nd visit from the physio and I really did not want a repeat of the first visit!  I was up awake until the early hours as I could not sleep from worrying.  Hmmmm yes I was not looking forward to the visit.  Ok...the lady turned up and well started to ask how I felt after the last session, and at first I honestly thought she did not believe me when I told her I really was in severe pain and could not get out of bed even to use the commode for 4 days.  Jon, the wonderful jon stepped in and tried to explain things as by this time I was getting really really upset and crying.  I just did not want to go through that amount of pain again.  I calmed down and the lady was really nice, nicer than I expected!  She said we will take it slow and start with little movement and see how that goes and work up from that.  And she is coming twice a week now.  She is even going to phone me tomorrow to see how my knee see if I am in pain or not, so she can judge what to do in the next session.  She agreed that way too much was done on the first visit.

So I am relived that it went well..... So we shall see tomorrow when I wake up! I really hope I am not in pain as I really could not cope with that again.  But she only did the smallest of movements with my knee... Hmmmm

Enough of my knee!!

So oooh want to see what I ate today?  Something really tasty...mushroom tagliatelle...mmmmm

Mmmmm yummy food :)

Ok...stitching, yes I have been stitching...of course I have been!  Ha ha

I stitched the cute tiny bunnies....awe!

Then I stitched more.....started on the border...

This is the bottom of the design...oh yes the design..... It's an Abby Rose design called "Home Is Where You Hang Your Needlework". I am stitching it on rose coloured 32 count Belfast linen, using DMC threads.  Hee hee sorry there are the details :)

I like no enjoy looking at other designs....I think it's good to...and why not!! Ha ha a few of you thought I was going to go ahead and stitch a HEAD design...ha ha hmmmmm well would be nice to I think?! But not right now...finances do not permit me.  And would I actually be brave enough even if I could buy one? Not sure...and I am sure jon would have a punk fit if I gave him a thread list as long as my leg! Ha ha and then another fit if I told him I needed a piece of fabric as large as my mums dinning table! Ha ha ah now that is funny!! Ha ah a so no I was just looking, dreaming know that kind of thing! I am sure plenty of you out there do that!!

Well I am going now as its 1.15 am and I think I should get some sleep seeing as I did not get much last night!

Thank you for being there and my friend...

Smiles :)


  1. Thank foodness it was a better experience this time.
    J x

  2. foodness? I meant goodness.
    (although, looking at that wonderful bowl of pasta, maybe it wasn't such a mistake after all!)
    J x

  3. So glad your physio went better than it did last time. Beautiful stitching, as always!

  4. I am so happy for you
    Big hugs x

  5. Oooh the Abby Rose design is beautiful!!! Love it :)
    Glad the physio is taking care of you!

  6. That Abby Rose design is gorgeous!
    Try a Mini or QS HAED and buy a thread pack from Cross Stitch Heaven! They are good value for money. The smaller designs are much quicker but still have lots of detail in. You can be proud of all your stitching as it's lovely.

  7. Your stitching is pretty. Your food is yummy. And I hope and pray your knee is alright!!

  8. Jaquie: Love the Abby Rose so pretty.
    I know what the physical therapy is like back in 1997, a man ran a stop sign, I was out of work one full year, therapy was worse then the broken bones and contusion I had.
    Good luck on your recovery.


  9. I am so relived your physio session went much better. Its really important to give them clear feedback so they can tailor treatment for you. Sounds like she's got it right now!

    Great stitching once again!

  10. Your stitching is beautiful Jacquie. Glad to hear your visit went better.


  11. Wonderful to hear about the dinner looks yum!!!!

  12. So glad the physio went better than the first time Jacquie, hopefully you are now on the mend. It just goes to show that sometimes our worries and concerns are, thankfully, not always realised. Love those colors in the needlework you are doing, specially the little white bunny tails or are they small 'details'. Take care!


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