Thursday, 26 March 2015

Naughty naughty me!! :(

Ha ha I am so very naughty!!

Hello my happy smiley friends...your all so very lovely and I thank you all for popping in today.  Well the reason why I am naughty is because when my mum visited me the other day I forgot to show you all her beautiful knitting...oh how I wish I could knit like her...

Its wonderful...

This is my mums knitting, it's going to be a cardigan I believe.  But I just loved the pattern, apparently it's called honey comb...lovely...what do you think??

So does that make me not naughty now? Hmmm hope so!!!

I have been stitching and pondering....see I really was in a tizz....I was missing one of the colours... Pea coat in Weeks Dye Works or DMC 310.... Well DMC 310 is black...but oh no I just could not put black in the design.  And as I did not have Peacoat (what a great name!) I had to experiment....

You may remember I was using a blue variegated thread..

After thinking about it and coming to my senses I realized blue, even if it was a variegated thread( yes I love using them!) I really had to change the colour.... Some experimenting...

The BMC 315 is the colour for the words inside the box I need to stitch...
The two threads below were experiments, I also had the blue there as well, just to make sure it was a silly idea!

So this is what I was playing with....

I decided to use the darker colour....I had only used this colour for a tiny bunny and the roof.  And thought it best to keep it a colour that was already being used in the design. That was my thinking then it would not stick out like a sore thumb!

So yes this is where I am right now too....

A bit closer.... The colour I chose!

What do you think?? I am pretty pleased with it :)

As you all know Han went out with the lovely Red Cross lady... They went shopping...Han took some photos...

The shopping trolley...

Our fridge afterwards.... It was pretty empty before she went apparently!

And Han even brought me back a costa coffee.... Wonderful!!!!

And I had a lovely salad made for me too.....oh just a simple one, but it tasted brilliant :)

Well that is me!!

Told you all my news!

Ha ha not that I had much to tell you all in the first place! Ha ha

Happy stitching to you all, and keep smiling :)


There was me going to go and I forgot to tell you all about the amazing patches I have for my knee....see I have been trying to get them since I left the hospital.  They are brilliant!!

They are basically an anaesthetic patch, but numb my knee to the extent I cannot feel the dull ache's awesome!!

Close up.....

I love it!!!! And am so pleased I now have it.  Basically it stays on 12 hours....i look at it as put it on when I wake and take it off when I sleep!! 

Yippppeeeeeeeee!! Love it!  It also means in the long run I may be able to reduce then come off all the drugs I am on... Great news!! You think??

Ok I am off now.....

Big huge smiles :)


  1. The knitting is amazing...stunning. Well worth the wait to see it lol. Love the stitching and the changes..keep on smiling!

  2. Your mum's knitting is beautiful and such a gorgeous colour. You have done very well with your colour choice for your sampler (beautiful stitching) and your fridge looks full of lovely, scrumptious delights.

  3. Such pretty knitting! I so wish I could knit. I think the color you put in your stitching looks great!

  4. That is wonderful news about the anaesthetic patch. So pleased for you.

  5. Jacquie, your Mum's knitting is fabulous ! Every stitch is so evenly placed. Jacquie, your needlework is the same way, with every stitch perfect. We see where you get your wonderful talent ! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree ! Thank you for sharing all these beautiful things with us, and congratulations on finding those patches for your knee. Sending positive thoughts and blessings that you will be feeling better very soon ! (((Hugs)) from Marina and Daryl

  6. Gorgeous knitting by your mum - her knitting is amazing. LOVE IT! Your progress on your sampler is beautiful. I think the color you went with worked great. Congrats on getting those patches.
    How sweet of Hannah and the red cross lady to help you!
    love Annette

  7. Such pretty knitting..I love it
    Beautiful stitching my dear and I hope you get well soon xx

  8. Your moms knitting looks great , lovely stitching .
    So happy your pain is less with the pads.

  9. Really like your changes on your wip :) Lovely update!!

  10. Your mum is doing fantastic!
    Your sampler color choice is perfect!
    So glad you have the lidocaine patches. :)

  11. Your piece is progressing beautifully Jacquie. Your mom's sweater looks great. Glad you found the pain patches.


  12. The blue knitting wool is a lovely colour, your Mum is a great knitter.
    I'm so happy you've got the Red Cross coming in too, my MIL does work for them, visiting people recently discharged from hospital.
    Your knee patch looks like a great idea too.
    And of course, your stitching is looking amazing!

  13. I love the colour changes you made, good idea to stick with something that's already included in the design. Your mum's knitting is fabulous!


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