Sunday, 22 March 2015

I am sorted!!........

Oh my!! 

Hello fantastic helpful friends! I seriously have no idea what I would do without you all!! Oh my! You all came up with so many useful things for me to do it was brilliant.

I just got myself so frustrated I really had no clue what to do to get out of was crazy!  It was like I was on a carosel and could not get off!  I had charts and designs with all colours whirling around me and I just could not decide anything!! was terrible!!

Happily now I am sorted!  But before I show you what I am stitching I must show you all some things that happened today...

My lovely mum dropped by... Ha ha. I told her to smile!!

Hmmm ... Try again!!...   Ha ha 

She brought me this....

As she senced I was needing to do something!  How wonderful! And apparently it's new out and if I like I can follow it ever 2 weeks if I wish to?!  Oooh I love colour!! Nothing to show you of that as I was busy else where!

Ooooh yes.... Have to show you what Han cooked today...OMG!!!! The smells coming out of the kitchen were divine! She took my iPad off me and took a photo of it cooking...

Being as I don't eat meat this is a real treat!! It's han's vegetable curry!! Ooooh yummy!! And from pan to my plate....

It was delicious...not hot but tasty...I loved all the fact I could eat this every day!! Ha ha well I did not manage to finish it..I tried!!

Such a large bowl!! I seriously must of been hungry to of eaten the amount I did!!  Han can cook that any time!!  Ha ha she informs me that there is enough in the kitchen to feed the street!! Ha ha. Guess I am eating it all week!! Mmmmmmm

Onto showing what I decided to stitch....

After searching through all my magazines, well the few I had next to me!  And some charts I have... I came across a design I won on FaceBook...the designer actually signed it!! It's a lovely design and at some point I must of asked jon to source the threads for it as there were some inside the packet.  And again at some point I must of thought about fabric as there was some stuffed inside!! I think there must of been a reason why I had not started stitching this?? Must of been.... I thought I would find out if I started to stitch it!!! 

So this is what I had decided to stitch!!

I am stitching it on Belfast linen 32 count and the colour of the linen is rose.... Using DMC threads...

The design....
An Abby Rose design called "Home Is Where You Hang Your Needlework" designed by Gayle Reger.

This is what was stuffed inside.....trying to remember what was missing?? It had to be I checked...

Oh my threads if your wondering, jon sources them from a place called and they are a fraction of the price.  They are DMC threads just not as you usually see them.

And yes the reason why I had not started this was due to having 2 threads missing!!  So I had jon colour matching all the threads I had to come up with something close!  Yipppppeee found some.

So I started stitching it....

And that is where I am right now...literally just put my needle down to write this blog post!! 

If you have a keen eye you would of noticed I changed a colour.... The lovely blue line under W X Y Z is a lovely DMC varigated thread I loved the look of so had to include it!  I am hoping it works...the original line is a blue I think, or a blue green but a lot lot darker.... I just went lighter!!

I hope you like what I have stitched already?  I am enjoying this...

Hope your all well, happy and being creative?

Smiles to you all :)



  1. Yay! What a great family working together. Your dinner looks great! So does your stitching. :)

  2. That veggie curry looked scrummy...
    Great new start! I couldn't imagine being bed bound for so long especially given everything you have been going through with your knee....
    Hugs xx

  3. Woohoo! Love your stitching project - great progress already:) How nice of your mom to have brought you the beautiful coloring book. Just what you needed. And Hannah's dish looks yummy!
    love Annette

  4. Lovely mom, great cooking by Han and a lovely new start what could be better.

  5. Your Mother is so cute.
    Love the gift she brought you.
    The dish looks so good but I need protein for my old age.
    Love your new stitch.


  6. Love your new start Jacquie. You have made great progress on it already.


  7. Mama's dearest person in the world. Well, you have it!
    Han superbly NAVARILA.
    I look forward to a new start, looks very good!


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