Thursday, 19 March 2015


Well hello there!

Thank you for all your messages wishing me luck with the physio....OMG!!  It was my first physio session since leaving hospital... so I knew it was not going to be a walk in the park!  I actually liked the lady physiotherapist, she was nice!  I did a few movements..I think she over did the repartitions of each movement?  Maybe?  Or it might of just been the movements she was making me do?  Not sure but I did them... When she left I was ok, just ached a little.

It was today when I woke..... OMG!! I was in serious pain, any movement and I was almost breaking out into a scream.  The pain was unbareable, jon, bless straight on the phone to the doctors surgery for help.  I just could not stop crying... Pain just does that to me.  It turns out all my medications have been increased again and I will be getting a patch to wear that is a slow release drug.... I had to take a fair few tablets this morning before they showed any signs of relief... But the pain is still there, even now typing this.  I am trying to ignore it!!

So hmmmmm... The next visit from the physio, unfortunately is only once a week.... I will tell her to do less, a lot less!!  So physicing myself up for then next visit!!

Ha ha that was how the physio visit went!!

Have I been stitching....oh yes!! 

I started a wonderful new design... It's lovely, fresh, sweet, cute and I adore it!!

This was all the bits.... 
As I explained in an older post, I was very kindly gifted all of this.  And it's just so lovely to receive a gift from a friend :)

I was excited to start this as it has threads I have never used before....eeeeek!!! I have heard a lot about Gentle Art threads, I read on other blogs that people love using here I go!!

Yes I started it!! 

At this short break I can say that I am LOVING every minute of this!!  The fabric is lovely to stitch on, nope never stitched on that before either!! It says it's 28 count Miricle Mint Lugana... So soft and I like it.  The colour threads are wonderful, and I am enjoying stitching with them, been spoilt I think!! 

And did you all notice that 'Blue' the sheep has snook (is that a word?) in again!! Ha ha 

Oh FaceBook in a group they are doing an Easter SAL.... I am half heartedly taking idea why?  I think FaceBook does not like me anymore?  It has a mind of its own I am sure... Deletes things and adds things... Still deciding whether or not I want to stay in it or not?

But here is the Easter SAL so far... Think I may make my stitch slightly smaller than the design, do you think it's because I am not enjoying the design?  Doing my best, just that I am not happy.

I have been doing some other stitching but you all cannot see that!! Ha ha soon!!  Hmmmm.... When I can get to a post office!!   The envelopes and packages are piling up now... So sorry some of you have to wait.

Oh well I am going now..... To stitch more I think!

Smiles to you all :)


  1. Glad to hear you got your appointment but sorry it hurts more. But hopefully it helps heal. I had to do physical therapy when I broke my arm to get it to unbend again. It was so painful but I have full use of my arm now so it'll be worth it.

  2. Ohh your physio time sounds painful!! Or the aftermath I should say! I hope it eases for you and the pain goes away...and next time is a little easier for you. Your Easter stitching is lovely, great colours.

  3. Bien chére Jacquie,tu es championne en broderie,encore et toujours de belles conceptions!
    Et en plus le printemps est là !les couleurs de tes broderies sont en harmonie avec cette douce saison.
    Bonne petite xxxxxx a toi

  4. Ouch! I hope you feel better soon.
    Your stitching is lovely as always. There's no hope now you've started on overdyed threads. I just got a few for one design when I started blogging and now I have quite a collection! They are nice for a change but I don't think you can beat DMC.
    Lovely new designs you are working on.

  5. I hope you feel better soon..
    Great stitching xx

  6. Your Easter stitching is so sweet.
    Hoping the pain goes way down and you can focus on getting better again.

  7. Lovely stitching Jacquie. Hope the next visit goes better for you.


  8. Jacquie, the first visit to the physiotherapist is always painful. This means it takes up.
    Only then will release the pain. To wait and unfortunately suffer: - (((
    New sewing is sweet, spring!

  9. That sounds so painful! I hope the next appointment is better.
    The new threads look great on this sweet design.
    Grammatically you should say "sneaked" but I also like "snuck"!

  10. So sorry you are in so much pain. I do hope it gets better... Lovely stitching! I am not a fan of Lizzie and Kate designs, but it does look very bright and cheerful. Hang in there!


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