Sunday, 29 March 2015

Yipeeeeee, yippppeeeeeee and Yipppppeeeeeeeeee!!!

Hello happy wonderful friends.... Brilliant to be here again. 

 Thank you all so much for popping in to see me.

So guess your wondering about my title??? Yippppeeeeeeeee!! Ha ha yes that one!! Well I am extremely happy...happy happy happy!! 

I managed to do it through all the tough times with my knee, oh you know way back when I had the first physio visit! Eek!! And through all the medicated enforced napping!! Ha ha through it all I have managed to actually finish my sampler! Yipppppeeeee!! Like I say!!

To refresh your memories it's an Abby Rose Design called "Home Is Where You Hang Your Needlework", stitched in 32 count Belfast linen in a rose colour.  Stitched with DMC threads.

Here is my journey...

There you have it!! Finished!! Still cannot believe I have finished it.... Such a pretty design too.

So that is that...

Bet your all wondering what I am going to stitch next?? Well I have to stitch an owl for the Halloween Ornie SAL...this is a must as I said I would try harder this year!!  So that will be going on starting tomorrow...I may show you all the progress on that??!!

I have another design I wanted to start too....oh its wonderful... I saw it on FaceBook, the design is a special one that is launched with new threads from Classic Colorworks.  New colours and a special I loved it.... Looks rather special, oooh and then they brought out another two really sweet designs.  Hmmm with our budget I put them out of my head....jon knew I really liked them....seems he did some juggling with all our finances and allowed me to order them!  I was thrilled to bits!! I am not sure if your aware of the designs and threads I am talking about so here....

This one as it has a sheep!! It's called "Wecome Spring", with threads.....

And this one which is called "Rabbit Hill", with threads....

Jon is ever so sweet to juggle everything around.... It's not often I get new charts so am over the moon!! Thank you darling :) xx

So I guess I will be starting one or both of those?? 

Ooooh, oooooooh ......did you all see I won a giveaway??? I was so shocked!! And over the moon was an understatement! Ha ha when I read the persons blog and it showed my name had been picked...I screamed!! Literally!! Jon and Han come in and asked me what was wrong! Ha ha I explained I had won a wonderful giveaway!!!

The giveaway was on Shelly's blog.....An Arizona stitcher... Sorry on my iPad I have no idea how to do the linky thing :(

Look what arrived...

Yes the giveaway was for a wonderful magazine and fabric to stitch an autumy design inside.  Oh the design is lovely...oh by Jove...I saw the thread list and cried!! Seriously loads of threads... I can make this work, but it will be some time before I stitch this design... But oh I will as its lovely.

Hee hee look....

Shelly was so kind as to include these wonderful Easter bunny ears! And some oooooh American candy!!! I was oooh so excited about that!!! 

I have my wonderful card displayed near to me as its so cute...

On my side table with my Pink Lady apples and mug of diet coke!  Oh yes that is my stitching lamp...they brought it in here so I could stitch at night!! 

Thank you so so much Shelly's for your lovely package that arrived yesterday....sorry I did not contact you...hope you read this :). Love it all!!!! Xx

Oh my!! I have to tell you all about something rather interesting... I was in a little dilemma today, could not make my mind up at all really about something..

The dilemma was.....which one to eat?! 
Hmmmmmm....yes I thought on it....

Going by the lid, this looks yummy....

Why do companies do that??

But I still ate it!! Ha a ha aha

Then I looked at the fruity on and .....

Mmmmmm so darn creamy....

So you see I removed the dilemma and ate them both!!! Ha ha ha

Guess I have taken too much of your time up....

Thank you so much for popping in :)

Smiles !: happy stitching to you all....


  1. Congratulations on your finish! It is simply fabulous! I like the way you solved your dilemma.

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Love your finish and the floss colors in your next projects are gorgeous!

  3. Congrats on the beautiful finish Jacquie. Great win from Shelly.


  4. Aww, the bun-knee! Glad you liked it all. The sampler is beautiful! Yes, the floss list on that autumny design is gnarly but since you have loads of self-determination, I know you'll get it all together shortly. My confidence in International shipping is restored!

  5. Still giggling over your dilemma!!! Good way to solve it! Wonderful win!!! And well done on another is beautiful!

  6. LOL! I would have done exactly what you did - problem solved:)
    It's like magic how fast you stitched Abby Rose Design. CONGRATS on a beautiful finish! WOOHOO!! And congrats on your win. Those bunny ears on your knee did me in...LOL!
    love Annette

  7. oops LOVE your new stash! Those are beautiful charts and threads - WOW!!!
    love Annette

  8. Wonderful finish, well done. Super parcel your received from the giveaway, love the bunny ears on your knee lol.
    Lovely new charts the rabbit one is so lovey, but then again I am partial to bunnies ...
    Have a happy day! x

  9. Congratulations Jacquie.
    Love your Bun-knee from Shelley.

  10. Nice winnings, love the finished stitch.
    Beautiful threads and patterns.


  11. Yay! Congratulations on a beautiful finish! Knew you'd finish it soon.

    Lovely new stash. So happy for you as they are such sweet designs. Out of interest where did you order them from?

    Congratulations on your lovely win. Had to giggle at the bunny ears on your knee!

    1. you can order them from Down Sunshine Lane.

    2. or or 803-473-3707

      hope this helps

  12. Hi, I just got those two charts in the mail this morning and plan on doing them for myself since I have finish other stuff and sent it off. You need to get better soon so you can enjoy the good weather when it comes. Cograts for winning the giveaway. Love the bunny ears. hugs Lynda Ruth

  13. Love your new finish Jacquie. Your stitching is so neat! Your new charts are gorgeous too. Jon is a keeper! Congratulations on your win from Shelly.

  14. A beautiful journey and a great goal !!!
    New graph - super!
    Bon appetit!

  15. Congratulations on your beautiful finish and all those new goodies! Which one did you start? Or, just like you resolved the yogurt dilemma, will you start both of them?

  16. What a beautiful finish! I really admire you for remaining so cheerful and optimistic despite the limitations of your present situation! How lovely that you can cross stitch and have the satisfaction of finishing beautiful projects at least:)


  17. Congrats on your win, love the bunny ears!! Rabbit Hill is cute!

  18. Congrats on your latest finish, it's beautiful!
    Love your new charts, they are really sweet and grate goodies from the giveaway winnings ;)

  19. Congratulations on your amazing finish! Thank goodness you have your stitching!


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