Monday, 9 March 2015

Eeeeeeekkkkkk so very happy.....

Hello my wonderful happy friends......

I am really really happy today, want to know why??? OMG!! Can you all feel my excitement?? If I could load up a voice file it would be of me screaming to you all! Ha ha. A happy scream naturally! 

So to the reason as to why I am SO happy....


Well you know I am stitching "Five Houses Of Hope" designed by Blue Ribbon .... I am so very happy because I have completed the top half of the design...


I am thrilled with it all.... It looks so much better than I thought it would...ha ha because I am stitching it!  Ha ha and I am happy because it fits on my fabric!!  

Do you see where Blue is at the top??  Oh".. If your not familiar with Blue that is my brilliant needle minder!!  So yes, where Blue is... This is where I have to stitch the border.. Which I have now started...but on the right hand side...

Can you see the border at the top? I have only done a tiny bit of it so far, acorns and the top line... Not a lot but imagine that with pumpkins too all the way along the top... Can you imagine this??  Hmmmm it is rather hard, so tomorrow I hope to stitch all of that so you won't have t o imagine then!!

As you know the design is called "Five Houses Of Hope"..... So that means the bottom part will have 3 more houses.  I actually like stitching them.. Ha ha that is a rather silly statement as I am enjoying stitching it all! Hmmmm 

Oooh yes!! Yesterday I showed you all a part of the chart I am using....this bit....

I wanted to just let you all know what I do when I get a design...

Well I keep the original, or if it's a pdf then I naturally keep it on file but I also print out a master copy for myself, yes I file!!  Even if I have a chart I always make a copy of it, no mater how large or small.  I never ever mark the original chart.... Ooooh no!!! So I have the printed copy and if it's large I cut them all so they match up and make one big massive chart... Hmmm and sometimes from above I am not so good at lining up or glueing!! Ha ha the glue is green as I can never tell where I have glued with clear or white glue! Ha ha honestly!!

I hope that explains what I do with charts?? 

I am curious to know if you do anything with your charts... Apart from filing them??!

I cannot believe it's almost Easter... Seriously!!!???
Lol I have said that and because I am so out of it just spending the whole time in my bedroom... I have no actual idea when Easter is!! Ha ha I am sure someone will let me know!! :)

So any way... Almost Easter...ha ha I guess?! 
I wanted to know if you were at all stitching anything special or exciting??
I will share in my next post what I will be stitching.... Its a lot of fun, colourful and very happy!! Ha ha knowing me what else would it be!

Love to hear what you have all been up to.... Or getting up to!! Ha ha

Happy stitching or creating...

Smiles to you all :)



  1. Jacquie: This is so sweet, sis you dye the fabric or did you buy it, just curius, it is perfect for this design.
    I would be as excited as you if I were that far on my project.


    1. Thank you for popping in :)
      The fabric I am ever so proud of as I experimented a lot and this was the outcome!! See I searched for some time looking for just the right fabric, in an orangy colour to go with all the wonderful autumny colours I am stitching with.... Then the idea popped in my head to dye it myself!! And yes that is the outcome!! So pleased you like it :)

  2. You are going so well....not long and you will be finishing!! It looks amazing!

  3. Love this piece, you stitching is so inspiring to me, the dyed fabric is just perfect for your project.

  4. I still cannot keep up! It was fun watching this grow though, and of course, as always, your needles are on turbo. Most of my charts are digital so they all get printed. I veeeery carefully fold a page along the seam and just work like that. Frogs abound that way. :D!

  5. You are really coming along with this, and it's looking great!
    I also copy charts and write all over them, saving my pretty originals!! I have a filing drawer and a couple of notebooks. This makes it easy for me to find things!

  6. For me, it depends on the size and type of the design if I make a working copy or not. I tend to give my originals away when I have stitched them so they don't get filed away.
    Happy Stitching!

  7. You are making tremendous progress on this piece, it looks great.
    For bigger designs I usually make a working copy of the chart because I like to colour the symbols as I go.

  8. Five Houses is looking great, love your fabric. I also make a master copy and have taped copies together to make one big chart! I use clear tape though. Right now I'm working off one copy, usually the upper left corner if its a huge pattern. I am stitching a Christmas sampler right now, nothing springy or Easter-y!

  9. It's looking fabulous Jacquie!! Blue Ribbon designs are such a pleasure to stitch. I used to make copies of what I worked from but my printer and new computer don't like each other so now I have nothing to use until I buy a new one...which won't be for a while now! Hugs to you

  10. Jaqui its wonderful I'm enjoying watching this piece come to life under your nimble fingers! I make what I call "working copies" of my pieces when I'm kitting it up, getting ready to start it. I usually take the pattern or each page of the design (if its a multiple page design) and blow it up onto 11x17 paper. I don't bother to tape the pages together as I tend to focus on one page at a time as I go anyhow and I've been stitching so long I have no trouble dealing with pages that either have an overlap row or two or not!

  11. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am really looking forward to seeing your project finished. The charts I work from look pretty much the same as yours. I am always working from a copy and marking the stitches I have already done with colored pencils, so it looks very cheerful at the end. :-)


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