Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Still bionic???......maybe....

Hello friends.... Do you know it just occurred to me that all you wonderful stitchy/creative friends live all over the world!  I know your all probably going DUH!! Well hmmmmm it just dawned on me!  Hmmm how silly do I feel!! Ha ha 

So here now it's Wednesday late evening...for some it will be Thursday hmmm do you think for some it's not quite Wednesday yet?? Gosh I think about some strange stuff!! Hee hee

Ok....leave this alone I am thinking!! So onto an interesting topic....Apples!!  Ha ha no joke!!  

I actually love eating apples, my favourite ones are called Pink Lady, I love the taste of them :)

Here is a pack of 4 my mum brought round today for me...ha ha I say 4 it's got 2 in it now!! I really love eating apples... Just these ones others! Oh yes I am fussy!!  So got me there anything, a food that you love to eat?  You know that you cannot live without?  Ha ha told you I think about all kinds of strange stuff!! Ha ha ha 

Ooooh I have something really REALLY exciting to tell you all...... OMG!! I was wondering if I lost my bionic leg powers? See I took my brace off... And my leg is ok!! I can move it a little independently ..this is GOOD NEWS right?? I still cannot walk on my leg, my leg is really weak, well I have not walked on it since the 9th January!! I think I still have bionic powers...I must have...what do you think??

Here is my leg out of the brace....

How exciting is that!! I tell you I was so excited I forgot about the hair growth!! OMG!! see due to wearing the brace 24/7 not taking it off... Well leg hair was not really an issue.  Since taking it off, well let's say it's a forest!! Ha ha 

I saw this... Made me chuckle...

My legs looked hmmmm very similar !! Thankfully I have a carer visit me daily and she very kindly shaved my legs for me!! So now I have smooth legs...oh and they feel good.  Yes I have a carer visit me once a day... For basic needs... As I cannot walk, I cannot get to the bathroom, so she brings a bowl and helps me wash and sort myself out every morning.  Without the carer I would not feel or be awake!! Ha ha

Oooh now moving onto something else that I am really excited to show you all....

It's the progress I have made on the marvellous Blue Ribbon sampler called "Five Houses Of Hope"... For those that don't know... I am using DMC threads and stitching on 18 count Aida... Hand dyed by myself!! I experimented and this was the outcome!  I wanted a orangy colour and am pleased with my experimenting!

As you may recall...yesterday I was excited as I was moving onto the bottom half of the design...

You can see in this photo (sorry I am rubbish at taking photo's) the whole design and how much more I have stitched :)

Close ups...
Everything under "kind thoughts are the roots" I have stitched today...

Ha ha does not seem a lot.... Ha ha but it is, that little roof took me ages!! I thought I would stick with one colour and see what I could do... Interesting I think!  Maybe tomorrow I will use colour...I love colour.  I guess that is why I love this design, I mean it's FULL of beautiful colours..

Right hmmmmm....... I have rambled a lot today!! Hope you all don't mind?? 

Happy stitching and creating to you all :)

Until tomorrow..... Keep smiling :)



  1. I love the cartoon, I am an apple lover, however I could not live without my Starbucks, if I was in a prison for a length of time on my release I would head over to a Starbucks for a Venti Late no foam, yummy.
    Great progress, I am so happy for you that you can wiggle your toes maybe soon you will be walking on your leg.
    I look forward to seeing your finished stitching. walking on your leg.


  2. Great news about your leg but take it easy! What I love to eat is so much less healthier than the apples! Red Velvet cake is mine. Hairy legs? I grow quite the forest in the winter but no problem because there is no one to complain about it! Five Houses is looking good.

  3. Great to hear that your leg is starting to get better. Wonderful progress on your BRD. My favorite apples are Envy. YUM!! Too bad there not available all year round here. What I can not live without is chocolate of course. ;)

  4. You are making such amazing progress on your stitching!! Well done! And fancy taking off the bionic's hoping you are on the mend well and truly now!Love the cartoon picture! I love mixed nuts...almonds, cashews, brazils, go to snack food! Yum!!

  5. Pink lady apples are my hubby's favourite too.
    Waving a hello to your braceless/hairless leg!!!
    Best wishes x

  6. So glad to hear of improvement in your leg!
    I love dark chocolate!!! I also like McIntosh apples the best. :)

  7. They look yummy apples , great news about your leg.

  8. Wow, Jacquue, great news! Foot needs rehabilitation and everything will be great.
    Burden it gradually, slowly!
    Embroidery is very nice, waiting for continued:-)
    Apples also love. Every day eat at least two:-)

  9. My favorite apple is a Green Granny Smith! Gotta love that tart! :D Although my favorite food... gosh, I like an awful lot of food. Some healthy, some not so healthy. I will go with a brownie sundae -- nice and ooey gooey warm brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and strawberries, yummmmmm. I always make them this time of year because strawberries are on sale~

    I am anti-shave in winter. I'd rather have hairy legs than horribly dry and itchy legs that I wind up clawing to death! But soon, it will be a spring harvest ahaha. So glad to hear yours is improving. Every day is a new day for healing~ :D

  10. So glad your leg is progressing--even if was all fuzzy! HAHA
    Your stitching is lovely, as always!


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