Sunday, 8 March 2015

Sad day....

It is indeed a sad day as I have to post about the last Round Robin exchange....

Well hello there again!! Thank you for popping in again :)

I cannot add the details and photo's to the tab at the top until I can get on my PC.... So that will have to wait for now.

I would like to share the last exchange for the Round Robin with you all.... It is sad because I have really really enjoyed participating in this.  Oh and this post is well over due as you can imagine hmmmmm damn knee! Ha ha ha

I will start with what I sent....

Omg!! I just realized sat here in my bed I cannot tell you the details of the beautiful flowers I stitched! Hmmmm oh but I can tell you when I up load it to the round robin tab it will have all the details!!

My partner was Grace from Needles Pins And Dragonflies blog..... 

Here is what Grace sent to me...

And inside the tissue.....

How cute is that fabric!!

Oooh a close up of the cute sheep she stitched.....

It's adorable!! Seriously cute.  Yes, I asked all my partners to stitch me sheep!! What fun!! And yes if you look in the Round Robin tab you will see all the other sheep I have received!!

I was thrilled with everything you sent Grace, and I am so sorry this is so over there in the end :). Thank you for being so patient with me :)

Oooh yes!! Thank you, a big Thank You to June of Butterflywings blog as she organized it all /). I can honestly say for the first Round Robin I have ever taken part in... It was so much fun...I loved it and it was really interesting stitching for partners all over the world!!

Happy stitching to you all....

Until later...

Smiles :)


  1. Such a cute sheep, they are all so lovely. Its been a great RR and lovely to see everything you have made and sent out and what you have received back from your partners. It's always sad when something like this comes to an end but I'm sure something else will come along to replace it ... the stitching community always has so many things to entice and woo us with.
    Have a lovely day x

  2. Very nice. I have only ever done one RR and it was fun but a lot of work and commitment. Well done to you all. X

  3. Je n'ai pas bien compris cet ├ęchange,mais que de belles broderies!
    Doux dimanche

  4. I am glad you liked my sheep to you. I thought the fabric was perfect for your request.

  5. Gracie is a lovely person to do exchanges with. Her sheep is so cute.
    This is an interesting way of doing a round robin, instead of risking losing the entire piece the worst that can happen is that one portion goes astray.
    Looking forward to seeing how you finish your sheepie blocks.

  6. lovely stitches exchanged...........

  7. How very, very nice. I know this RR worked out very well. :)

  8. Lovely RR! I love the sheep that Gracie stitched for you, and of course the wonderful sheep fabric!

  9. I love your sheep RR!!! How sweet is that! Just perfect for you!

  10. I love your sheep RR!!! How sweet is that! Just perfect for you!

  11. What a lovely exchange/RR I love it when things like this work out so nicely!!!


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