Thursday, 6 June 2013

What I did on the 6th June 2013...

Another glorious day! This is the lovely blue sky from my garden, and what a lovely warm day it is too.


1 wholewheat seeded small roll with lettuce, tomato and weight watchers bacon.  Basically a healthy BLT!!  This is one of my small side plates, makes the roll look huge.


2 tablespoons of natural low fat yogurt (Tesco Choices range).  Fresh blueberries and raspberries.

Early afteroon:

Grapefruit and raspberry herbal fruit tea.


Fresh oak smoked salmon with pesto on top, with fresh green lettuce and water cress.  With tomato's, radish, cucumber, spring onion baby onions, baby gherkin and feta cheese.  All drizzled with a fat and oil free salad dressing.

Late evening:

Radishes, baby gherkins, baby silver skin onions and cherry tomato's.


Trampolining club tonight.... loved it!  Had so much fun again.  Han is learning the right techniques and is picking them up really well.  I was being put through my paces by Han, she was saying, star jump, touch your knees, down (land on bottom and bounce up again) and I did all that she said!! Mental..tired me out!  Then we were doing what we call the turtle.. where we are on our back with legs and arms in the air, bouncing moving legs and arms to the bounce.  Apparently this is a really good core movement.... yes we felt it!!  And yet again we sweated buckets and tired ourselves out.

Water (ribena) intake: 2 bottles

My thoughts for the day:

Today has been a rather odd day, Han has been at college and I have been busy with 'house' things.   You know like washing and tidying up.  Then before I knew it I had to pick Han up from college and we had dinner and then off to trampolining!  Seems like I have not stopped all day. Sure I am sitting down now... not for long though as I am tired and think I will go to bed to relax.

Tomorrow is a busy day, I have maths... something I am doing to improve my maths at the same college Han goes to! ha ha I know its funny!  Ah but its at their other campus!  Still funny!  I found out that I will be taking my exam on my birthday (21st June) which naturally I am thrilled about... not!  Hope I pass it!! Fingers crossed!  So yes I have that tomorrow... then a visit to the doctors, oh nothing wrong!  I am going to have a regular slot with a nurse to get weighed every week.. starting tomorrow.  Should be interesting.

Reflecting on what I have eaten today, I think well its not a lot is it!  But it must be fine as I am not hungry.  

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