Friday, 14 June 2013

What I did on the 14th June 2013...

Found this and thought it pretty interesting..




Baby omelet with spring onion and cherry tomato with green salad mixed with avocado and cucumber.


Quarter of a pepperoni pizza.


Water (ribena) intake: 2 bottles

My thoughts for the day:

Just not hungry, feel slightly bloated so I am hoping its going?  Maybe back to normal tomorrow what ever normal is!? ha ha

Had maths today, did a mock exam ready for my exam next friday..eekkkk!  Oh I did OK, got all the questions right so I am feeling very positive.

In the afternoon helped my parents empty their caravan as they are buying a bigger one.  The caravan thing is an on going thing with them.  See they had a massive twin wheeler the same size as an arctic lorry, and had that a while then all of a sudden said they needed to downsize!  They did from an 8 birth to a 2 birth!  Drastic I know but they thought it was OK, for a little while!! ha ha then they decided they needed it a little bigger so got a bigger one!  I know ... see where this is heading!! ha aha well tomorrow they get another one!  4-6 birth one!  Getting bigger I know..soon they will be back to what they had! I will just laugh as I saw it coming! 


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