Thursday, 20 June 2013

What I did on the 20th June 2013...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Yes its almost my birthday...just a few more hours!  Oh damn its not like I want it to happen, I mean that is after all another year! Another year of grey!  Oh but I dont feel old, I dont feel older!  

So today I went back to the college and got my hair sorted out.. I love it!  They do such a great job too.  I have decided to stay short, I like it, just hope to lose my 'face fat' ha ha :) I do have cheek bones now though!  See photo's!

Here is Han... you can only see the dark pink under color, its a lighter color on top!


A bowl of Shreddies.. and what I ended up leaving!


Dad took me for a coffee and as I was due at the hair salon at the college shortly after I had a light lunch.

1 slice of granary toast (no butter) with scrambled egg and mushrooms.  And a 1 shot skinny latte.


2 wholewheat seeded small bread rolls with light salad cream and lettuce.


First thing this morning Han and I went along to see our favorite chap for a work out!  8.30 am...OMG!! Han was still asleep!! It was really funny.  We used the machines today, worked really hard doing cardio work and both managed 60 crunches each... feel those abs!! 

Water Intake: 2 bottles and a skinny latte and a herbal tea.

Thoughts for the day:

Well I seemed to have more energy today, was rushing about and remembered to eat!!  Pleased I got my hair sorted, I love it.  

Tomorrow is exam day!  Am I scared?  Erm yes!  I would not be human if I said no!  Nervous as I have a lot to remember, thinking positive and hope I get through it.  

Oh and yes tomorrow is my birthday! ha ha, I am not one for celebrating it, its not a milestone, I will be 42!! Gosh I dont feel that old!  Han says I am more like 35 - 36, nice!! :)

Happy, happy and oh yes happy!! ha ha ha ha


  1. You pair are beautiful! Hope you enjoyed your birthday!
    Ruth C

  2. Awe thanks! It was a lovely day... best fill my blog in now!


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