Thursday, 6 June 2013

What I did on the 5th June 2013

What another GREAT day!!  Well as the weather was so lovely Jon, Han and I all went to Thorpe Park for the day!  Yes again!! 

(Borrowed from Google Images)

We stopped on route for breakfast and a break for Jon.  Now you know these service stations are filled with fast food outlets and coffee shops.  I by passed them all and went into M&S!  I went for the healthy option whilst Jon ate a Mc Donald's!


2 baby bananas with a small pot of fruit (melon and grapes).  I was going to eat the nuts but decided to save them for a snack later.

Now as we all know eating in a theme park there is not that many healthy options.  Sure last time we went we had grilled piri piri chicken and salad.  We did not fancy that this time and Jon would not eat that!  So this time we opted for chinese noodles, ate whle we dried off from the water ride!

This was actually our boat coming down!  Jon captured this photo... we are under all that water!

And let me tell you Han and I were drenched!  It literally looked like we had both jumped into a swimming pool and got out!  We were wringing our t-shirts out!  Note to self - do not wear jeans again to Thorpe park!  They are really horrible wet.

This photo is of us both on the other water ride!  We still got wet on this one! Han got drenched as it all poured in the front!


I pot of spicy vegetables with chinese noodles. (I had not eaten any when I took this photo)

Late afternoon:

2 baby bananas with the pack of nuts from M&S!

We went on Saw again!  Oh my!! Its a terrifying ride but I love it!  Here are some photos of it.

Yes I actually went on that!  Like I say terrifying!!

Han then went on a boat ride, she thought it would be fun, but coming down the shoot she screamed her head off and at the bottom said nothing would get her back on that!  She did say it was worse than Saw!! ha ahha ha pleased I did not go on it!

Han queuing for her favorite ride... Samurai, never get me on this, even if you paid me!  Not one for me... its what I call a 'sick' ride as it just spins you in all directions and hopes your sick!

Han all strapped in and ready to go... she looks happy!

Ha ha Han in the air on Samurai... thumbs up, must be good!

Han wanted to take me on Stealth.. now I was not sure about this one.  Last time we went it was out of order so I was pleased!  Hmmm this time it was working fine.  So I was practically dragged on it.. waiting in the queue was terrible, you watch the ride and OMG I was petrified!

There are no photos of us on it... its too quick for Jon!  So here are is a photo to show you what it looks like!  Still cannot believe I went on it!  Han did say next time we go I have to sit in the front! hmmm


We decided to have a BBQ when we got back so I had I wholewheat brown seeded bun with beefburger.  

Also had breast chicken with sweet chilli sauce, I had 1 skewer and 2 pieces of chicken.


Hannah were going to take the pedometer but forgot!  I know we walk miles, pushed Jon in the wheelchair miles too!  And in the heat!  Jon looked like a fried lobster, he is red!  Han and I both caught the sun and have nice t-shirt tans! ha ha ha

Water (ribena) intake: 2 bottles.  Also used out annual bottle and drank diet coke.

My thoughts for the day:

Well another GREAT day at the theme park!  The weather was lovely and we all had fun!  Well Jon got burnt! ha ha

Even though I was having fun I still wanted to watch what I ate, I tried to make good food choices..well as best I could.  I think I did OK.

The breakfast thing.. I know I write breakfast, I dont eat it at a normal breakfast know 8 or 9.  No, no, no... I eat when I feel the need.  See most of the time when I get up I just am not hungry and dont eat breakfast until 10 or 11... sometimes later.  But I still write it as breakfast on my blog as it was the first meal I ate!  I dont eat at specific times, I just could not do that.  I eat when I am hungry mostly, but not over hungry as I tend to eat for quickness then.  So I guess I can feel when I am getting hungry and prepare or make food so that I can eat it just at the right time.  I think it a massive achievement for me to stop eating when full or nearly full too.  See I used to over eat all the time, not knowing when I was full... thinking about that now, the over eating is making feel sick! ha ha seriously!

So yes I filled this in the next day as I was really tired after the BBQ and actually went to bed!  A first I might add!  Maybe it was a mix of sun and walking that tired me out?  I was in bed around 10 pm, that was a first!  See I am a night owl and normally still up at 1 am!  And a good nights sleep it was too.

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