Saturday, 29 June 2013

What I did on the 28 th June 2013...

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Well its a late posting as I have been doing some thinking... I need to get on with things.. I need to see more results.. I need to lose more weight.. I just have to.  No I am not adicted to the feeling.. I just think, no I know I am not putting enough effort into it.. been a little slack (if that is the right word?)  But why?  How have I got in this rut?  I must get out of it.  Maybe I feel comfortable plodding on, as I have done for a few months now. 


So I see a change starting tomorrow... I have to do something, I need to shock my system back into the got to lose weight mode!! Plodding along is no good anymore.  I admit it, I have slipped a little with the types of food I have been eating, I need to be a lot more focused and WANT it.  That way I will not give in.  Naughty me!  

Look on the bright side at least I worked this out and I am not in denial about my situation!  I seriously need to step up the exercise and sweat more!! I love the rush after exercising, got to do more!  Back with the nice chap Monday, after a week off.  I seriously have no excuse for not doing any exercise now... I mean I have Trevor and and step thing and a ball and a garden!! So like I say, I need to sort myself out and get doing it.

OMG I am SO telling myself off!! I bet you reading this think I am rather strange?!  By putting my realizations in my blog has made me see what an ass I really am!! I mean seriously who am I kidding... doh, myself!!  And no I dont think I am being to hard on myself, I need and want results, only me that can get them!!

Ok so my day started good, I ate a nice breakfast:

Dry fried mushrooms, scrambled eggs and turkey rasher bacon... with the tiniest drop of ketchup!

Today has been a very productive day, see all week I have had builders in the house, plastering and painting walls, changing my front and rear doors.  Building an access ramp inside from the front door, so it makes bringing in Jons wheelchair easier.  And there is still work to be done... the hall way needs the plaster and paper off, and renewed.  The bathroom is getting totally refurbed and OMG this week the dust has been terrible.  So today I snapped!! The dust got to me, so the whole damn house got cleaned from top to bottom!  I feel better about it but to be honest it was rather pointless as they are going to create more mess next week!

Lunch was missed as I was too busy cleaning!  And to be honest I was not hungry or I would of stopped and got something.

For evening meal, it was something rammed in the oven whilst I finish of with the cleaning !! Seriously been at it all day!!

2 thin breast chicken pieces with broccoli and roast carrot and sweet potato's.  The chicken has lemon spicy sauce from Nando's on it. 

I have drank today.. not enough I feel.... damn it, one day I will get the drinking bit right!  So going to have a think about what I am and have been eating and I think I am going 'simple'.  Maybe being a bit boring about it... I need to go back to basics and re-train myself to eat the right things again.  I will also be using the smaller plates...see I know I eat less now, its just learning to fill the smaller plate now!  I CAN DO IT!!

So got to go to bed as I am actually tired and Have to pop into town tomorrow so may take a few photos :)

Cannot believe its almost July.. where has the year gone?

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