Saturday, 1 June 2013

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Here we are in June!  I hope the weather starts to pick up where you are... today here there are glorious blue skies with warm sun rays beating down.  Its just lovely.

What I did today 1st June 2013

My aim every day is to drink as many of these as I can... I should drink water but I dont like the taste so I add a little no sugar Ribena and its better.  I will post at the end of the day how many I managed to drink.


Plain oat muesli with a small handful of dried cherries, strawberries with flaked and chopped almonds.  Also a table spoon of flax seed, sunflower seed and pumpkin seed mix.  All mixed together with skimmed milk. 

I cup of mango and lime herbal tea.

I medium sized banana. 

Mid morning:

Cranberry and raspberry herbal tea


1 and half Finn Crisp with goats cheese and roasted red pepper topping.  A mixed salad with radish, cherry tomato and onion with a drizzle of yogurt and lemon dressing.

 Mid afternoon:

Elderflower and raspberry herbal tea.

Lemon and mint herbal tea.


1 fish fillet cooked in the oven with a sprinkle of mexican style cheese filler, used as a topper. Fresh broccoli and green beans.  Carrots, sweet potato's, parsnips and mushrooms roasted in a little olive oil.

Late evening:

Fruits of the forest herbal tea.


2 sets of 20 seconds hold for the Plank Challenge.
Been quite active during the day as I have stripped beds and washed it all, hung out on the line and collected in too!
Did 50 crunches with the help from my new ball!

Water (Ribena) Intake: 2 filled bottles roughly 2 pints.

My thoughts for the day:

I am really pleased with myself as I have logged everything that I have eaten and drank.  I am trying new foods, adding interesting flavors as the same old food becomes boring.  I do think for dinner I did over do the vegetable slightly!  Note to self.. do less vegetables!!

Drinking and logging what I drink is a new thing for me.  The reason for doing this is to make sure I am actually drinking enough.  May seem a silly idea but for me its getting me back into the habit of drinking.  I am proud of myself today as I quit coffee today, I have had no coffee.  I dont drink tea apart from herbal teas and thought I was drinking way too much coffee.  Today yes I have had some headaches, I put that down to the lack of coffee!  But I have pushed through it and only drank the herbal teas and the ribena.  I think I am going to be on the loo all night! ha ha ha

You know I just looked back at what I had eaten today and am shocked... shocked as its heaps less than what I used to eat.  I think that in its self is amazing progress, now is the hard part... to eat the right things!  I would love to know how I work out if the food I am eating is good or not so good.  Sure I can upload a calorie counter and spend hours looking up the food to find out how many calories I have eaten today and every other day.  Its so time consuming though.  There has to be an easier way.. you think? 

My husband found a site on the net and we she sat for about 35 minutes inputting all what I ate to get a rough calorie and fat guide.

Intake:           Approx
Calorie          - 1712  
Fat                - 46 g 
Cholesterol  - 52 mg 
Sodium        - 1073 mg  
Carbs           - 244 g  
Fiber            - 41 g  
Protien        - 46 g  
Sugars         - 106 g  

Based on what I ate today the percentages are (approx):
Carbs           - 62 %
Protein        - 12 %
Fat               - 26 %

This means according to the sites information that I am under my recommended daily allowances.  Except for fiber, this is over and should not be higher than 25 g.  An average womens daily calorie intake is about 1800 I had an intake today of 1712 roughly so that is OK.  

I did this as an experiment as I was curious, I found it interesting but could not do this every day.  There has to be an easier way?

I need to step up my exercise I know this.  Need to go out and do some walking, that is always a good thing to do.  And seeing as how the weather is rather good, it would be such a waste if I did not!  May even take some photo's! OK.. YES!! Tomorrow I am off walking :)

I am pleased to be back tracking everything again, in fact I am SO happy to be back! :)


  1. So glad you're back blogging, and super to read that you got your results back and they're clear!
    Ruth C

  2. Awe that is really nice, thanks :)

    I am Happy to be back, its like I am a new person... fighting for what I want... nothing stopping me now!!!


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