Sunday, 2 June 2013

What I did today 2nd June 2013...

What a day today!! OMG!! Well you know I said I was going to go for a walk...hmmm!! At about 11.30 am Han and I decided to go to Thorpe Park!!  Well we do have annual passes so why not!

OK so we thought park the car furthest from the entrance as possible!!  We did!! It took a good 10 minutes from leaving the car to getting to the entrance!  And we walked the socks of us both... Han afterwards thought a pedometer would of been interesting!  I mean we must of walked around the whole park a good few times.

Not sure if you all know but I LOVE theme parks, not really been to any in years due to being VERY over weight.  And then I guess your confidence goes and you then dont take the family.  Well April this year we got annual Merlin passes.. I may of mentioned this previously?  Well it was to get my husband out more and so that he can join in, in family things.  And well for the fun aspect too as Han loves theme parks too!

Our first outing I never had the courage to go on the fast rides, see I never thought I would fit in the seats, or that the harness would go down and close.  Sure the rides had a 'try it' seat outside each ride, I just never had the confidence to think I could fit it them.  So I enjoyed the theme parks for Han, watching her scream and laugh was great.

Until I went to Chessington World Of Adventures about 2 weeks ago!! OMG!!! I so wantd to go on the Vampire bat ride... a small coaster.  And well to my amazement I fit in the seat and loved it.  I loved it that much I just kept going on the ride!!  So yes this boosted my confidence and gave me the courage to try other rides.

Today we went to Thorpe Park, I felt a little uneasy as I was not sure if I would fit in the seats to go on the rides there?  Han was being her normal supportive self and told me not to worry about it!  We started on the Tidal wave, OH did we get wet!! YES!!

Going up!!

Han at the top, just before the drop..

No its not raining, she just was terrified that she was going to get drenched! haha haa

Our wet trousers from the water ride!! ha ah ahaaa  Looks like I wet myself! ha ha ha

We walked around for a bit and then decided to stop for lunch...


Piri piri chicken breast with salad and a salad dressing.  Looks and tasted WELL yummy.

For drinks we had our annual drinks container, so we kept getting that filled with diet coke... or tap water when available.  I think the whole day between us we must of drank 3 full containers.

Throughout the day we were both really good, as they have sweets and donut stalls everywhere.  We did not give in, but we did take a deep breath in when walking past! 

This was from another ride, great view!

Han wanted me to go on SAW, OMG!!! I was not sure about this one bit!  I mean its mental!! And would I fit in the seat?  Well we went over to it and I tried the 'try me' seat, I fit!!  We were laughing our heads of!  No excuse, I had to go on!!   And well I did!  I could not believe I fit into the seat, I did get the lady to double check I was OK several times!  I think that was the nerves!  OMG... the ride was AMAZING!! I got such a rush from it that when it stopped I could not let go of the hand bar!!  And Han said my face was a picture!  I did scream the whole way around and as a result have now a sore throat!  But it was worth it!

After that there was no stopping me!! I went on loads more rides I never thought I could go on!  The only sad part is that the park closed at 6 pm!! 

So we left the park, walked what seemed miles around the park and then miles to the car as we parked it so far away!  Bad idea as come when it closed we were dead on our feet!  We made it to the car and then drove home.

When we get back home before I made dinner I had this...

A banana and a glass of fresh orange juice.


Roasted vegetables, carrots, parsnips, mushrooms with broccoli, green beans and cabbage.  With goats cheese parcels rapped in bacon.

This was my dinner... I know a lot of vegetables!  Well I did not eat all of that!! I just could not... here is the photo of what I left!

I know I left a lot right!  Hardly looks like I made a dent in it!  But seriously I just could not eat any more.

Early evening:

After dinner I had a herbal tea, green tea and blueberry.

You might of guessed that I did not actually have any breakfast today... naughty naughty me :(   In a rush to get to the theme park!  Well at least we did not stop on the way.... we were actually tempted to stop at Costa, but I said NO as I was off coffee!  That was really strange, not drinking coffee all day, but as a fail safe I did put some herbal teas in my bag in case I wanted one.  I did that because I knew the park only had tea or coffee on offer not herbal teas.  As it was we did not stop for an afternoon drink, we were having way too much fun!

So yes we had a great day, walked loads and had loads of fun too.  And we made healthy choices when it came to food too, it would of been so easy to just have Burger King or KFC but we made the right choice.

I will be doing my Abs challenge before bed... fear not! 

Such a GREAT day.

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